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Billing and Invoicing


This article provides steps for defining a Plan's billing and invoicing options.

Defining Billing and Invoicing

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans

See Create a Plan to view the steps necessary prior to defining Billing and Invoicing.


  1. From the Will an account on this Plan be billed for any of its Plans on a recurring basis? drop-down:
  1. Select Yes if you are creating a paid Master Plan. From the Proration Invoice Timing drop-down, choose whether to create a separate invoice for prorated charges immediately, or defer to the next anniversary date.
  1. Select No If you are creating a free Master Plan.

Note: A free Master Plan can include only free services. Customers who subscribe to a free Master Plan are never billed for Plans, unless they are also subscribed to paid Supplemental Plans. Such customers will be billed for orders.

  1. Proration Invoice Timing can be set here to determine whether to create a separate invoice for prorated charges Immediately or defer to the next Anniversary date.
  2. From the Statement Template drop-down, select the template used to send statements to customers who are subscribed to this Plan. Custom templates can be created for you by Aria Systems Customer Support.

Note: You can select a statement template only when you are creating a Master Plan.

  1. From the Notification Template Group drop-down, select the notification template used to send messages to customers who are subscribed to this Plan.
  2. From the Credit Note Template drop-down, select the credit template that specifies the type of credit to be applied on the customer invoices for this Plan.
  3. From the Dunning drop-down, select the dunning process that should take effect when customers who are subscribed to this Plan have a past due payment.

Note: You can only select a dunning process when you are creating a Master Plan.

  1. From the Apply Cancellation drop-down:
  1. Select No to not apply a cancellation fee. 
  1. Select Yes to apply a cancellation fee. Define the Minimum Term (Months) in the field that appears.  The minimum term controls when to apply the cancellation fee. For example, if you enter "3" in the minimum term, and the customer cancels the Plan within 3 months, the cancellation fee applies​.
  1. From the Apply Minimum Charge drop-down, specify when minimum charges are applied:
  • Do not apply minimum charge
  • After first invoice
  • All invoices 
  1. Click Next: Services.
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