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A Master Plan is a container of billable and/or non-billable services that can be purchased by an account. A Master Plan can also be the parent plan of any number of Supplemental (child) Plans.

It can also be the parent plan of any number of supplemental (child) plans, or it can be a standalone plan that does not contain any supplemental plans. An account must have at least one Master Plan Instance assigned to it and a Master Plan Instance can be purchased multiple times.

A Supplemental Plan is an optional plan offering associated with a Master Plan that can be purchased in combination with it’s parent Master Plan. Supplemental Plans provide the ability to add a variety of additional services that are not offered in a Master Plan. Any number of Supplemental Plans can be associated to a Master Plan. And a customer can purchase any number of Master Plans and Supplemental Plans, even the same Plan offerings.

In the following example, a customer purchases the “Mobile Phone” Master Plan and two(2) of it’s related child Supplemental Plans, “Data Plan”, and “SMS Test Plan”. Once a Master Plan and any of it’s child Supplemental Plans are purchased, it is then considered to be a Master Plan Instance on the account. An account can have multiple Master Plan Instances.



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