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Fraud Protection


When your customers make purchases, you can use one or more of the features described below to potentially reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions or chargebacks.


  • It is strongly recommended that you use the fraud protection features described below because they may improve the security of your data. Due to the impact on security, please use extreme caution to ensure the proper configuration of these features.
  • The fraud protection features described below are available to you if your payment gateway supports them.
  • To use fraud protection features, you must have them enabled and configured with your payment gateway.
  • Contact your payment gateway representative for setup information and additional documentation.
  • If you are using Direct Post and you are running a $0 authorization, then Aria will skip any steps in your configuration that involve fraud scoring, fraud filtering, or 3D Secure authorization.

Fraud Scoring

Allows you to obtain an account holder's fraud score or fraud score assessment (varies based on the payment gateway), which is calculated using your criteria specified in your payment gateway.

Example: when a customer tries to make a purchase and the transaction is above your specified fraud score, you can take your chosen action on the account.

Note: You cannot obtain the fraud score for credit or debit cards enrolled in 3D Secure.

To obtain a fraud score or fraud score assessment:

  1. Call the validate_acct_fraud_scoring_m API.


  1. Specify fraud scoring options in a Direct Post configuration using the Aria application or the set_reg_uss_config_params_m API.

Fraud Filtering

Allows you to determine an account holder's fraud risk based on criteria such as credit card numbers, credit card prefixes, and issuing countries that you identified in your payment gateway.

Example: When an account holder tries to make a purchase with a credit card number that is on your list of fraudulent credit cards, you may choose to decline the transaction or take another chosen action.

To perform fraud filtering:

  1. Call the validate_acct_fraud_scoring_m API or the APIs listed in the table below.



  1. Specify fraud filtering options in a Direct Post configuration using the Aria application or the set_reg_uss_config_params_m API.

3D Secure

The 3D Secure (3DS) authentication feature provides additional fraud prevention when transactions are processed. This feature requires account holders to provide additional information such as a password when they make an online purchase using a credit or debit card. You may choose to require 3DS for only certain transactions. Example: orders over a particular amount that you specify.

To perform 3DS authentication, follow the instructions provided in the authorize_3dsecure_m API documentation.

$0/$1 Authorization

Allows you to place a temporary $0 or $1 charge on a credit card to check its validity before processing a payment.

Sample Use of Fraud Protection Features

The diagram below shows an example of a scenario in which you have set up a Direct Post configuration that involves fraud scoring, fraud filtering, 3DS, and/or a $0 authorization

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