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Supported Payment Gateways Overview

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Aria supports the following payment gateways and processors. Click the name of a payment gateway/processor for information about its supported payment methods, cards, and features; and, its implementation considerations:

Payment Gateway/Processor Considerations

  • Payment gateways and processors accept only certain payment methods and might have special conditions under which they accept particular payment methods.
  • To use a particular combination of payment gateway and payment method, that combination must be supported by Aria, your chosen payment gateway, and your chosen payment processor.
  • Payment gateways accept certain payment methods in particular countries. Please contact your payment gateway to find out which payment methods they accept in which countries.
  • If you intend to accept ACH or any credit card other than Visa or MasterCard, please contact your payment gateway to find out additional requirements.

Special Note:

Payment Gateway configuration and integration comprise sensitive settings related to payment card security and personally identifiable information. You should carefully configure and routinely monitor your Payment Gateway(s). Controllers of data flowing through a payment gateway should limit access to these settings to qualified, authorized resources, and ensure compliance with PCI and other applicable data security and privacy laws, regulations and standards.

Regarding Processor/Gateway Integration Certifications

If you previously implemented a custom payment processor/gateway integration, you likely completed a certification process with that processor/gateway. Aria maintains certifications with each of the processors with which it integrates. Though you may wish to certify your Aria-related processor/gateway integration before going live on Aria, this is not necessary and could add significant time and Services costs to your Aria implementation process. Please consult your Aria Implementation representative for more detailed information.

Regarding Processor- and Gateway-specific Information

All Processor- and Gateway-specific information provided on Knowledge Central exists as publicly accessible information from the respective companies, and is presented here for your convenience. We update this information from time to time as necessary.

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