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Release Notes

Release Notes
Release notes detail enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality.

Aria Billing Release Notes

Note: You can find the most updated WSDL file locations in the latest release notes. 

Release Notes Summary R53.pdf - An update on taxation applied to prorated credits is in attachment - R53 Tax Updates for Credits Client Communication.pdf

releasenotes.png 52 Release - September 2023

releasenotes.png 51 Release - July 2023

releasenotes.png 50 Release - June 2023

releasenotes.png 49 Release - April 2023

Note: Release notes for older versions of Aria are located here.

Aria for Salesforce Release Notes

releasenotes.png Aria for Salesforce 4.11 Release

releasenotes.png Aria for Salesforce 4.10.1 Patch Release

releasenotes.png Aria for Salesforce 4.10

releasenotes.png Aria for Salesforce 4.9

releasenotes.png Aria for Salesforce 4.8.1

Note: Release notes for older versions of Aria for Salesforce are located here.

Aria Media Publishing Suite (AMPS) Release Notes 

releasenotes.png AMPS 2.18.1 Release - June 2023

releasenotes.png AMPS 2.18 Release - April 2023

releasenotes.png AMPS 2.17.2 Release - January 2023

releasenotes.png AMPS 2.17.1 Release - December 2022

releasenotes.png AMPS 2.17 Release - October 2022

Note: Release notes for older versions of AMPS are located here.
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