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AMPS 2.22 Release


Enhancements and fixes to Aria Media Publishing Suite (AMPS) for this release are described below.

Release Date

30 May 2024

Release 2.22 Contents

  1. New and Improved Functionality
    1. Service Credit Status Check Utility (WFAMPS-4213)
    2. Processing of Farpay FI Payment Files (WFAMPS-4354)
    3. Add FINAL-NOTICE Functionality to New DUNNING Process  (WFAMPS-4484)
    4. Synchronize Invoice Status with External Systems [WALLEY] (WFAMPS-4458)
    5. Retry Transfer of Refunds (WFAMPS-4524)
    6. Enhanced Search on Payment References (WFAMPS-4595)
  2. Application fixes
    1. Refund Action Error in API (WFAMPS-4338)
    2. Missing Values in Events Log (WFAMPS-4340)
    3. Campaign Deletion (WFAMPS-4362)
    4. Date Reset for Refund Transactions (WFAMPS-4447)
    5. Anniversary Cancellation Events (WFAMPS-4450)
    6. Financial Document Observations (WFAMPS-4504)
    7. Timestamp Formatting Issue (WFAMPS-4506)
    8. Immediate Subscription Cancellation (WFAMPS-4523)
    9. Incorrect Rates for Term-Based Campaigns (WFAMPS-4533)
    10. Immediate Change Method Visibility (WFAMPS-4540)
    11. Incorrect Rates for Reissued Invoices (WFAMPS-4542)
    12. Farpay Agreement File Update (WFAMPS-4581)
    13. Incorrect Billing for Multiple Units (WFAMPS-4583)
    14. Date Format in Invoice Complaints (WFAMPS-4588)
    15. Invoice Details Configuration (WFAMPS-4592)
    16. Customers Refunded by Bank Transfer and Electronic Refund in Core (WFAMPS-4593)
    17. Correct Rates for Replaced Price Model Plans (WFAMPS-4603)
    18. Subscription Status Check for Access Services (WFAMPS-4605)
    19. Distribution Hold Event Generation (WFAMPS-4608)
    20. Exception Handling in JFM ERP Process (WFAMPS-4610)
    21. Notify Method for Billing Groups (WFAMPS-4620)
    22. Email Action Type Validation (WFAMPS-4621)
    23. Credit Memo Period End Date (WFAMPS-4627)
    24. Complaint Handling (WFAMPS-4638)
    25. Accurate First Invoice Determination (WFAMPS-4642)
    26. Pending Invoices Processing (WFAMPS-4688)

New and Improved Functionality

This section covers the release notes related to new functionality and capabilities added to AMPS. For this release no new enhancement has been developed.

Service Credit Status Check Utility (WFAMPS-4213)

Implemented a new utility to verify the status of service credits, distinguishing between various states such as pending, credited, canceled, and fully processed. This facilitates Workflow's ability to retrieve, analyze, and process Service Credit information generated by Aria's Customer Service when they are in PENDING, CANCELLED, and FULLY APPLIED.

Processing of Farpay FI Payment Files (WFAMPS-4354)

The processing of Farpay FI payment files has been aligned with the methods used for handling Cards and MobilePay transactions, standardizing the payment processing workflow. This enhancement improves the readability and efficiency of processing Farpay FI payment files by ensuring they are handled consistently with other payment types. 

Add FINAL-NOTICE Functionality to New DUNNING Process  (WFAMPS-4484)

The existing dunning process has been enhanced to include a final notice functionality, ensuring that a final dunning notice is sent to customers who have not responded to previous notices. This functionality is crucial for effectively managing overdue accounts and ensuring customers are fully informed of their debt status before any further collection actions are taken. Comprehensive transaction details, including associated XML data, are now stored in the StatementData table. This ensures complete and traceable documentation of the dunning process, improving auditability and compliance with debt collection regulations. The inclusion of XML data provides a detailed record of communication and actions taken, which can be used for resolving disputes and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Synchronize Invoice Status with External Systems [WALLEY] (WFAMPS-4458)

The synchronization mechanism for invoice status changes with external systems has been improved, ensuring that updates related to invoices are accurately communicated and reflected across all integrated platforms. This enhancement covers the synchronization of various invoice-related updates such as payments, credit notes, and write-offs. 

Retry Transfer of Refunds (WFAMPS-4524)

Functionality has been added to allows users to retry the transfer of refunds to external partners, which enhances the reliability and flexibility of the refund process. Depending on the payment source configuration, users can now retry refund transfers either through batch processing or real-time integration. This feature is particularly useful in cases where initial transfer attempts fail due to network issues or partner system downtime. By allowing retries, this enhancement ensures that refunds are processed successfully without the need for manual intervention. 

Enhanced Search on Payment References (WFAMPS-4595)

Search capabilities related to payment references have been improved to enhance users ability to locate specific payment transactions by performing more granular searches, leading to quicker and more accurate retrieval of payment information. The following new searchable fields have been added to facilitate this improved search capability:

  • Payment Bank Reference – the payment reference provided by the financial institution, usually containing the reference of the transaction at the bank.  

  • Payment Invoice Reference – the payment invoice reference provided by the financial institution, usually the ID provided by the client and used to match the payment with an invoice.  

  • Payment Origin – the origin of the payment, for example Bankgirot or PBS. The codes are client specific. 

Application fixes

This version sees the following application fixes deployed:

Refund Action Error in API (WFAMPS-4338)

Fixed an error in the docmManageDocument API that occurred during refund processing. Previously, when a payment was completed and a refund was initiated via the docmManageDocument API with <actionOption> set to 'REFUND' the refund was unprocessed resulting in an error.

Missing Values in Events Log (WFAMPS-4340)

The EventsLog table has been updated to properly map the Account Details. Previously, some values were not mapped or displayed properly.

Campaign Deletion (WFAMPS-4362)

To resolve the issue where the campaign could not be removed when only the <campID> was provided in the campManageCampDetails API request, we have updated the flow to allow the successful deletion of campaigns using only the campaign ID. 

Date Reset for Refund Transactions (WFAMPS-4447)

The PaymRetrieveRefund API has been updated to ensure dates are reset correctly when fetched against refund transaction records. The <refundPostingDate> now resets to null after it is fetched for a particular record.

Anniversary Cancellation Events (WFAMPS-4450)

The number of triggered events during anniversary cancellations has been reduced.

Financial Document Observations (WFAMPS-4504)

Enhanced financial document processing by adding fields and improving handling of missing historical data. 

Timestamp Formatting Issue (WFAMPS-4506)

The complaint process XML file that is sent to distribution partners now displays the correct timestamp formatting.

Immediate Subscription Cancellation (WFAMPS-4523)

Resolved an issue where subscriptions canceled with the IMMEDIATE method were incorrectly marked as PENDING-CANCELLATION instead of CANCELLED. 

Incorrect Rates for Term-Based Campaigns (WFAMPS-4533)

A fix has been implemented to ensure the correct rate application selection is used based on the offer action of term-based campaigns. Previously, when an invoice was generated on term based campaigns, incorrect rates were being used to generate the invoice.

Immediate Change Method Visibility (WFAMPS-4540)

The immediate change method is now visible when a subscription is canceled with the changeMethod set to IMMEDIATE. 

Incorrect Rates for Reissued Invoices (WFAMPS-4542)

An issue where incorrect rates were applied when reissuing invoices using a price model plan has been fixed.

Farpay Agreement File Update (WFAMPS-4581)

The FarPay process has been improved to handle transactions using a customer number when an account number is not provided. Previously, FarPay would not process transactions without an AccountNumber. FarPay now retrieves the associated account number associated when processing a transaction using a customer number. 

Incorrect Billing for Multiple Units (WFAMPS-4583)

This fix addresses a billing issue where customers are being billed incorrectly when a plan includes several units. 

Date Format in Invoice Complaints (WFAMPS-4588)

The ComplaintDate displayed on the Invoice XML was incorrectly showing in an American date format (MM-DD-YYYY) when the Invoice language is set to Danish. The date format of the displayed ComplaintDate has been modified to display in a Danish date format (YYYY-MM-DD) to match the selected language. 

Invoice Details Configuration (WFAMPS-4592)

To accommodate enhancement changes to the Title Management database, a new optional configuration attribute for payment gateways has been implemented to specify whether invoice details are included or excluded in payment collection requests. 

This new TitlePayOptionGatewayInvoiceDetails attribute can be found within the TitlePayOptionGateways table and has the following options:

  • INCLUDE – invoice details are included in the payment collection requests.
  • EXCLUDE – invoice details are not included in the payment collection requests. (This is the default option. It will be set on all existing payment gateways.)

Customers Refunded by Bank Transfer and Electronic Refund in Core (WFAMPS-4593)

When a refund was created for payments taken via the core gateway, customer were refunded to their original payment method even when the BANK option was selected. This refund process has been amended to create the refund as an 'External Payment' to avoid the amount being transferred to the original payment method.

Correct Rates for Replaced Price Model Plans (WFAMPS-4603)

Correct rates are now used when a price model plan with future rates is replaced by another plan with future rates. Previously, when a price model MPI with future rates was replaced with another price model MPI with future rates, the future rates of the new MPI were not used in the generated invoice. This issue was resolved and the correct future rates are now reflected on the invoice.

Subscription Status Check for Access Services (WFAMPS-4605)

Updated the access service process to check subscription status before granting or revoking access. Previously, access services were being generated regardless of subscription status for an account. This problem has been rectified by updating the AccRetreiveAccessList process to verify subscription status prior to granting or revoking access.

Distribution Hold Event Generation (WFAMPS-4608)

Fixed an issue where the DISTRIBUTION/0007 event was not generated for Distribution HOLD actions. This issue has been remedied by updating the 'Distribution HOLD' event mapping.

Exception Handling in JFM ERP Process (WFAMPS-4610)

An issue resulting in exceptions not being handled in the JFM ERP Process has been rectified. An exception has been added in the main flow to ensure that exceptions caused within the sub-flow are caught in main flow and the error is logged and managed appropriately. 

Notify Method for Billing Groups (WFAMPS-4620)

The billing group notify method has been updated to retain the current notify method settings when performing billing group updates. Previously, the billing group notification method was reverting to the default notify setting when billing group changes were processed.

Email Action Type Validation (WFAMPS-4621)

The email action types validation process has been updated to accept any non-blank value. A check has been introduced to the validation process so that any non-blank values are accepted. 

Credit Memo Period End Date (WFAMPS-4627)

New logic has been implemented to ensure the period end date displays correctly for credit memos in ERP files.

Complaint Handling (WFAMPS-4638)

Previously, users were not able to add a new complaint against an MPI if there was a closed complaint on the same date. A new parameter CompAllowSameCodeSameDay has been introduced which allows a new complaint to be added if the parameter is set to 'ACCEPT'. This parameter is set to 'REJECT' as default. 

Accurate First Invoice Determination (WFAMPS-4642)

The first invoice determination for MPIs has been fixed to rectify an issue where search returns a incorrect count for an MPI. The count is now accurate when using the <masterPlanInstanceID> as search criteria. 

Pending Invoices Processing (WFAMPS-4688)

An issue where Pending Invoice events failed has been resolved, ensuring correct processing and updates to pending invoices. The PendingInvoice flow has been improved to mark the process as done and proceed to the next plan instance if a <master_plan_instance> number is found.

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