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Nets Netaxept


Netaxept is a payment solution from Nets, which handles billions of transactions annually. By keeping a tight focus on making it easier and more intuitive for customers to process digital payments and related services, Nets has become a trusted partner to more than 700,000 merchant outlets, including 140,000 online merchant outlets and more than 250 banks across Europe.

What follows is a list of features included in your Nets Netaxept Aria integration.

Supported Features

Tokenized Credit Cards

The following has been implemented to support the tokenized credit card payment method (pay method = 13).

  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Payment
  • Refund
  • Credit token
  • Authorization reversal

This is for the following supported card types:

Method ID Number Method Type
1 Credit Card Visa
    Discover Diners Club
    American Express

Tokenized Credit Card is supported for both initial and recurring transactions. Please see below for more information on the supported transaction types.

Cardholder-Initiated Transactions (CIT)/Merchant-Initiated Transactions (MIT)

This feature sends flags distinguishing cardholder initiated transactions (CIT) and merchant initiated transactions (MIT) within the <recurring_processing_model_ind> parameter of the following API calls:

The input values for the <recurring_processing_model_ind> are the following:

  1. Cardholder-Initiated Transaction—Credentials on File: a credit card transaction initiated by the cardholder for a new order or a plan upgrade that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria. (Default)
  2. Cardholder-Initiated Transaction—a credit card transaction initiated by the cardholder for a new account or creating an order that uses an alternate credit card that is not currently stored in Aria.
  3. Merchant-Initiated Transaction—Standing Instruction – Recurring: a credit card transaction initiated by Aria’s clients for a recurring charge that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria.
  4. Merchant-Initiated Transaction—Unscheduled Credentials on File: a credit card transaction initiated by Aria’s clients for a non-recurring charge (one-time order or plan upgrade) that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria.

The output field of this call is <proc_initial_auth_txn_id>.

3DS 1.0 and 2.0 Authentication

To support the Nets Netaxept 3DS 2.0 flow, we have introduced a new option, "Payer Authentication Settings," in the Payment Gateway and Collection group UI screen.

3DS Termination URL – When using 3DS (1.0/2.0) in Aria, you must provide the Merchant Website URL at this field (for Payment Gateways and Collection Groups). This will be invoked when the shopper challenge is complete. Otherwise, the transaction will not be completed, and the Aria authentication API will return a validation error. For direct post, the value should be 'https://secure.<environment>' (with the environment name specified by the client).

The Nets Netaxept 3DS authentication is a three-step process, as follows:

  1. Execute the authorize_electronic_payment_m or update_payment_method_m api with credit card details, billing address details and <attempt_3d_secure> as 'true' to perform client authentication. The API will then return the <proc_payment_id> (as the outer level output field) and <redirect_issuer_url> (value in the <proc_3dsecure_data/proc_3dsecure_auth> data array) in the response.


    • If the <attempt_3d_secure> input is passed as 'false', then the 3DS flow will be skipped and regular authorization will be invoked, so the following steps would not be needed.
    • If the supplied credit card is not-enrolled with 3DS and the <attempt_3d_secure> input is passed as 'true', then the 3DS flow will be skipped and regular authorization will be invoked, so the following steps would not be needed.
  1. Use the <redirect_issuer_url> directly in the browser and execute it. A challenge/redirect window pops up based on the 3ds 2.0 or 3ds 1.0 transaction details; submit the challenge/redirect form.
  2. Execute the authorize_3dsecure_m API with the <proc_pymnt_id> from Step 1, perform the authorization and verify the API result to complete the 3ds authentication-based authorization.

The following APIs support this feature:

Minimal Authorization and Automatic Authorization Reversal

  1. Since Nets Netaxept currently only supports the tokenized credit card payment method (pay method = 13), Aria has introduced a processor-specific configuration Validate card on Token creation > Requires card validation in the UI for both payment gateways and collection account groups. If this configuration field is enabled, then Aria performs a minimal amount authorization when creating the token. The field appears below:
Tooltip Allowable Values
This option to validate a card during token creation using a minimal authorization amount. No is the default. Please note that we will immediately reverse the minimal amount used for verification. Yes, No
  1. All credit cards are tokenized within Nets Netaxept. Therefore, Tokenized Credit Card (TCC) payment method is the supported payment we have implemented. Aria only permits the validate_payment_information_m API to operate $1 auth/minimal amount on a pre-existing payment method record (<seq_no> input alone) for <pay_method_type> 13 in Nets Netaxept. Otherwise, an error message is generated when passing pay_method=13 with credit card details in the validate_payment_information_m API.

Nets Netaxept also supports reversing pre-authorizations on credit cards outside of $1. After performing the authorization, click on Accounts > search for the account > Payments & Credits (left panel) > Current Authorization Reversals tab > Create a New Auth Reversal. All pending authorizations that can be reversed display on this screen.

Card Verification Value (CVV)

There is a VERIFY process available in Nets Netaxept for doing the card verification (from the following API calls):

Please note that the Verify process is supported for Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The verify process is not supported for Diners Club; instead, a $1 minimum transaction is authorized and then immediately reversed. A complete list of support card brand types are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Diners Club

Dankort Payment Cards Now Supported By Nets Netaxept

With the 42 release, Dankort Cards are now supported by the Nets Netaxept payment gateway as part of the Aria integration. This supports the following features:

  • Create token and query token processing
  • 3DS, non-3DS and 3DS SCA exemption authorizations
  • Capture, payment and refund transactions
  • Cardholder-initiated transactions and merchant-initiated transactions
  • Authorization reversals
  • $0 authorizations

SCA 3DS Exemption

For Nets Netaxept, a new setting has been added under Options at the payment gateway and collection group level for a low-value payment strong customer authentication (SCA) exemption (for 3DS-enabled merchants). The default selection for this field is No Exemption. Using this setting, a Nets Netaxept customer will not get a pop-up confirmation message for the 3DS transaction under the exempted amount and currency, which will ensure more seamless transaction processing. To access the Nets Netaxept gateway, navigate as follows in the Aria UI: Configuration > Payments > [Payment Gateways][Collection Groups]. The exception amount is 30 Euros.

Create a new Payment Gateway or Collection Group and select Low Value Payment from the Exemption Type field as shown:

Note: Clients need to work with Nets Netaxept for enabling the low amount value SCA exemption feature for their merchants.

For Direct Post, an SCA Exemption textbox field has been introduced in the USS Reg Configuration (Configuration > Client Settings > USS Reg Configuration), as shown:

Clients can specify the following values:

  • 0 – Do not apply exemption. Process transaction via 3D Secure.
  • 1 – Apply the exemption and skip 3D Secure Authorization.
  • -1 – Use Payment Gateway or Collection Group settings for exemption rules.

For APIs, client can specify low amount exemptions in the <proc_field_override> array of the following APIs:


Regarding Processor/Gateway Integration Certifications

If you previously implemented a custom payment processor/gateway integration, you likely completed a certification process with that processor/gateway. Aria maintains certifications with each of the processors with which it integrates. Though you may wish to certify your Aria-related processor/gateway integration before going live on Aria, this is not necessary and could add significant time and Services costs to your Aria implementation process. Please consult your Aria Implementation representative for more detailed information.

Regarding Processor- and Gateway-specific Information

All Processor- and Gateway-specific information provided on Knowledge Central exists as publicly accessible information from the respective companies, and is presented here for your convenience. We update this information from time to time as necessary.

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