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Usage Concepts

Usage Concepts
  • Add Bulk Usage On-Demand
    Aria's Add Bulk Usage functionality allows you to upload a .csv file containing multiple usage records on-demand.
  • Create a Usage Type
    A usage type is a category of a usage-based service available for an account holder to consume. You must associate all usage-based services in your product catalog with a usage type.
  • Discard Usage
    You cannot delete usage records. Aria enforces this restriction to retain information for auditing. However, you can discard usage records.
  • Enable and Use Usage Accumulation
    Usage Accumulation allows you to offer customers discounts on Master or Supplemental Plan Instances by accumulating usage beyond their normal usage billing periods, resulting in lower rates per unit at higher usage tiers.
  • Include Usage Billing on the First Invoice
    If you load usage records into Aria before the generating a customer's first invoice and want Aria to bill that usage on the first invoice, you must set Include Usage Charges on First Invoice to True.
  • Rate Usage Per-Record
    Usage rating per record allows you to rate usage based on each individual usage record rather than at the aggregated level.
  • Usage High-Water Mark
    You can set a High-Water Mark indicator for a usage-based service indicating that Aria should base charges on the highest number of incremental usage units consumed, rather than on total usage.

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