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Discard Usage


You cannot delete usage records. Aria enforces this restriction to retain information for auditing. However, usage records can be discarded. Usage records that are discarded are excluded from invoicing (will not be billed) and usage reports. In addition, discarded usage records will not display in the UI, unless you specifically choose to view discarded usage via the Usage History module.


  • Once discarded, the records cannot be reinstated and will have to be reloaded into the system if incorrectly discarded.
  • You cannot discard usage that is associated with a billed or pending invoice; however, if an invoice has been voided, its associated usage records can be discarded.

Viewing Discarded Usage

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Usage

  1. From the Master Plan Instance field, select the plan instance to which the usage history applies.
  2. Select the date for which you wish to view usage history from the From Date field.
  3. If applicable, select an end date to apply from the Through Date field.
  4. Select the specific Usage Type you wish to view or keep the default of All Usage Types.
    A usage type is a category of a usage or volume-based service available for an account holder to consume. Examples of usage-based services include mobile phone data plans and internet service provider bandwidth.
  1. Select the Retrieve Discarded Usage checkbox.


  1. Click Retrieve Usage.

Discarding Usage

You can discard usage using either the UI or an API. See the following sections for details.

Note: When usage is added to an account and moves into the next tier of pricing, but then some usage is discarded so there is only enough for the previous tier, the usage cost then reflects the appropriate tier.

Using the User Interface (UI)

You can discard usage records through the UI by selecting which returned usage record(s) from the Usage History module to discard and clicking Discard Usage.

aria7 discard usage.png

Using APIs

You can discard usage via the discard_usage_m API.

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