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Plans Overview


The Plans screen provides the ability to display Master Plan Instances and the Supplemental Plans associated with an account, grouped by Billing Group.

Plans Screen Overview

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account

Upon searching for and selecting an account, select Plans from the left navigation to display the Plans screen.

Refer to the below screenshot and corresponding descriptions to get a better understanding of the Plans screen.

  1. Plans: Displays the Master Plan Instances and the Supplemental Plans associated with the account, grouped by Billing Group.
  2. Plan History: Displays a list of all plans currently or previously assigned to the account, the date and type of any changes, and who made the change.
  3. Dunning Groups: Allows you to create new Dunning Groups and edit existing dunning for the account.
  4. Billing Groups: Allows you to create new Billing Groups, edit existing Billing Groups, and view the Billing Group History for the account.
  5. Bill Lag Days: Allows you assign bill lag days to any Master Plan Instance on the account. Bill lag days refer to the number of days prior to (negative) or after (positive) an account billing date at which an invoice is generated. Assigning Bill Lag Days here overrides Bill Lag Days settings assigned at the Collection Group, Payment Terms/Payment Method and at the Bill Lag Days configuration setting. See Allow Negative Bill Lag Days to Extend Beyond One Bill Cycle for additional information about Bill Lag Days.
  6. Contracts: Allows you to view and create contracts for either individual service plans on the account or for the account as a whole.
  7. All Service Rates: Displays the default rate schedule associated for all billable services related to the account along with other rate schedules / custom rates that are available for assignment to the account in the account's assigned currency. An option to force a currency change is displayed only if the account has not already been charged for services in the account's assigned currency.
  8. Surcharges: Displays surcharges assigned to either the account or to plans on the account, and allows you to assign and remove surcharges.
  9. Future Plan Changes: Displays queued and completed plan changes for the account, and allows you to execute, cancel, or change the effective date for certain types of plan changes.
  10. Close Installation: For Master Plan Instances with a status of "Pending Installation", allows you to change the Installation Status either to "Installation Complete", which changes the plan's status to "Active" and generates an invoice, or to "Installation Failed", which changes this Master Plan's status to "Terminated".
  11. Payment Method: The primary payment method associated with the billing group. Master Plan Instances are grouped and displayed by Billing Group. Plan Instances that are grouped together display on the same statement, provided that the billing dates are aligned.
  12. Add New Plan: Allows you to assign Master Plan Instances and Supplemental Plans to the account.
  13. Edit: Allows you to edit the existing Billing Group.
  14. Plan Instance ID: Displays the Plan Instances that belong to the associated Billing Group. Clicking a Plan Instance displays the Master Plan Instance Details screen, allowing you to edit attributes of that instance.
  15. Non-provisioned Plans: Master Plan Instances and Supplemental Plans that have a status of "Canceled" or "Terminated."
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