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Create a New Dunning Group


You can assign plans to dunning groups to specify the process by which payment delinquency for those plans is handled. This can facilitate suspension of multiple plans if one plan in a shared dunning group goes through the entire dunning process without payment. You can create additional dunning groups by following the steps in this article.

Creating a New Dunning Group

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account > Plans > Dunning Groups

  1. Click the New button.
  2. dunning groups main screenv3.png

A screen loads, allowing you to create a new dunning group.

  1. Enter a dunning group name into the Dunning Group Name field.
  2. Enter a description for the dunning group into the Dunning Group Description field.
  3. Enter a unique value into the Client Defined Identifier field.
  4. If applicable, choose the dunning process that should be associated with the dunning group from the Dunning Process drop-down.

All Master Plan Instances assigned to the dunning group will follow the dunning process assigned to the dunning group. Only one dunning process may be assigned to a dunning group.

Note: The dunning process assignment on the dunning group overrides the dunning process of each Master Plan Instance.

All available dunning processes are listed in the Dunning Process drop-down. You can create additional dunning processes to display in this drop-down.

Note: If you do not assign a dunning process to the dunning group, each Master Plan Instance will follow their individually assigned dunning process and will only coordinate with the final step of dunning (all other Master Plan Instances in the dunning group will become suspended when the first Master Plan Instance is suspended).

  1. Select the checkbox of any Master Plan Instances that should be assigned to the dunning group.
    new dunning groupv2.png
  2. Click Save.

The newly created dunning group now displays on the Dunning Groups screen.

The Master Plan Instances currently assigned to the dunning group can be reassigned to a different dunning group, as long as the dunning state is not "In Progress" or "Complete."

Likewise, a new Master Plan Instance can be assigned to the dunning group if it is available for assignment (i.e. if it is not currently in dunning).

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