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Manage Dunning Groups


Dunning Groups allow you to associate two or more Master Plan Instances with a single dunning group to coordinate the final step in dunning (suspension). All active dunning groups are displayed and can be managed from the Dunning Groups screen, detailed below.

Managing Dunning Groups

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account > Plans > Dunning Groups
dunning groups main screenv2.png

  1. Create a New Dunning Group: Click the New button to create a new dunning group. When creating a new dunning group, you can select the Master Plan Instances to map with the new dunning group.
  2. Edit an Existing Dunning Group: Click a dunning group number hyperlink to edit the details of an existing dunning group (e.g., dunning group name, description, associated dunning process...etc.). The Dunning Group Details screen displays all currently assigned and available Master Plan Instances.

    From this page, you can also assign a Master Plan Instance to the dunning group or reassign a Master Plan Instance to a different dunning group.
  3. Delete a Dunning Group: Click the red "X" to delete the corresponding dunning group. Only dunning groups with the red "X" displayed can be deleted and removed from the dunning groups list.If a "lock" icon displays, the corresponding dunning group cannot be deleted because one or more Master Plan Instances are assigned to the dunning group. To delete this dunning group, and remove it from the dunning groups list, the associated Master Plan Instances must first be reassigned.

    Note: You cannot remove or reassign a Master Plan Instance that is associated to a dunning group with a dunning state of "In progress" or "Complete."

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