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Reassign a Master Plan Instance to a Different Dunning Group


From the Dunning Group Details screen, you can reassign a Master Plan Instance from one dunning group to a different dunning group.

Note: If an Master Plan Instance is in dunning, it cannot be moved to a different dunning group. If any Master Plan Instances in a dunning group are in dunning, then no new Master Plan Instances can be moved into that dunning group.

Reassigning a Master Plan Instance to a Different Dunning Group

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account > Plans > Dunning Groups

  1. Select a dunning group by clicking a hyperlink from the ID column.

    The Dunning Group Details screen displays.
    dunning groups reassignv2.png

  1. From the Associated Master Plans section, select the checkbox of the Master Plan Instance ID you would like to assign to a different dunning group.
  2. Click Reassign Plans.

    The Selected Plans For Reassigned screen displays.
    reassign dunning2v2.png

  1. Select the toggle next to the dunning group you would like to reassign the selected Master Plan Instance to.
  2. Click Save.

    The Master Plan Instance now displays as being associated with the newly assigned dunning group on the Dunning Group Details screen. This Master Plan Instance will also now enter a status of "Suspended" when any other Master Plan Instance in the same dunning group does.

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