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Create a Contract


This article provides the steps necessary to create a new contract and to modify an existing contract.

Creating a Contract

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans > Contracts > Create a New Contract

  1. Select the type of contract that you want to create.

    Note: You cannot assign an alternate recurring fee or early cancellation fee to a multi-plan contract or universal contract. A universal contract overrides any other contracts assigned to an account.

  1. Click Continue.

    The New Contract Details page displays.
    create_contract 646 RN.png
  1. Fill in the Client Contract ID.
  2. Select one of the following Contract Completion options:
    • Select Date Range: Allows you to define a start and end date for the contract.
    • Select Duration: Allows you to define a start date and the duration of the contract.
  1. Select a date on which the contract goes into effect using the Contract Start Date field.
  2. If you selected Select Date Range, select a Contract End Date on which the contract concludes.
  1. If you selected Select Duration, select a Contract Duration between 1 month and 36 months from the drop-down.
  1. Select an action from the Contract End Action field to specify what happens after completion of the contract:
    • Terminate service and billing: If the contract is assigned to a master plan instance, the account's status is changed to "Terminated" and all service and billing are terminated for all plans assigned to the account. If the contract is assigned to a supplemental plan instance, then all service and billing are terminated for the supplemental plan instance.
    • Terminate service and billing prorate final invoice: Creates a prorated charge for the plan’s recurring fees for the final period using the contract’s end date as the billing end date.
    • Continue existing service without contract: Service remains in effect and continues to be billed per normal terms. This is the standard behavior for most service plan contracts.
    • Renew existing contract automatically: A new contract with identical terms goes into effect once the original contract terms are met.
    • Rollover to a Plan and/or a Rate Schedule: The contract rolls over into an existing plan and/or rate schedule. This option is only available if MULTI-PLAN is selected as the Contract Scope.
  1. In the Select a Plan section of the screen, select each plan to which the new contract should apply.

    Note: Selecting the Cascade to child plans option applies the contract to any child plans that are attached to the selected plan instance.

  1. If Rollover to a Plan and/or a Rate Schedule is selected, click Add Selection.
  2. If Rollover to a Plan and/or a Rate Schedule is selected, choose from the following:
    • Rollover to a New Plan
      1. Click Add for Rollover to a new Plan.
      2. Select a new plan.
        New Plan 6.50.1.png
      3. Click Select.
    • Rollover to a New Rate Schedule
      1. Click Add under Rollover to a New Rate Schedule.
      2. Select a new rate.
      3. Click Select.

      -- or --

      1. Click Add under Rollover to a New Rate Schedule.
      2. Select a rate to use as a template for a custom rate.
      3. Check Enter Custom Rates.
        Rollover to Custom Rate.png
  1. Enter the custom rate value (e.g., 60 or 69.99) in Rate field to represent the service cost in current currency type (e.g., USD).
  2. (Optional) Click Add to add another Rate Tier and enter time periods (e.g., months) into "To" and "From" fields as desired. When entering, for example, a "12" in the second tier's From field, the To field in the first Tier will auto-populate from the previous time period (i.e., 11 in this example).
  3. Click Select.Your custom rate is applied.
  4. If you wish to edit the custom rates or plans on your new rate schedule, click the Edit link. Remove will clear any plan or custom rate selections and return the Configured Rollover instance to its prior state. Also see Modifying a Contract.
  5. Click Edit Custom Rates check box and Select to edit the custom rates defined earlier. If you click Clear Custom Rates and Select, the rates are removed and you are returned to the contract form showing no configured rollover and the Add button next to the instance.
  1. In the Early Cancellation Fee field, enter the amount that the customer is charged for canceling the plan before the contract is completed (optional). This option is only available if MULTI-PLAN is selected as the Contract Scope.
  2. Enter any applicable comments about the contract in the CSR Comments field.
  3. Click Save Contract. The contract is assigned to the account under the specified terms.

Modifying a Contract

During the process of creating a new contract, you might want further adjust or edit the custom rates or plans on your new rate schedule (see Creating a Contract). The procedure describes how to edit an existing

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans > Contracts > Modify a Contract (Modifying Contract screen) | Create a Contract (New Contract Details screen)

or later on after the rates were set in a contract.

  1. Click on Contract No. link in All Plan list table
  2. Click Modify Contract in the Contract Details screen.

    Notice how this returns you to the Contract form screen of the existing contract with the header such as, "Modifying Multi-Plan Contract No. 23882954".
  3. Make your updates. For example, scroll down to Configured Rollovers section and click Add under Rollover to a New Rate Schedule for the target plan. A dialog to add custom rates appears.
  4. Click Enter Custom Rates check box and click Select.
  5. Edit Rate field with new service rate in target currency (e.g, USD) and To/From fields for time periods (e.g., months) and click Select.
    After modifying the rates and rate schedule notice in the Contract Modification form that a the an Edit/Remove links will appear after the plan contract in Configured Rollovers section.
  6. If you decide to edit the rate again, before saving this change, click Edit. You will see options at the bottom of the dialog that there are two check box options, Edit Custom Rates and Clear Custom Rates.

    If you check and select Edit Custom Rates, it will open the custom rate dialog again so you can make further changes. If you check and select Clear Custom Codes, it will just return you again to the modification form but the previous edits will be deleted. Clicking the Remove link will also delete any custom codes and restore the Contract modification form Add button to its former appearance.
  7. Click Save Contract.


Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans > Plans tab

This procedure shows you how to modify a contract associated with a plan from the Plans tab instead of the Contracts tab.

  1. In the Plans tab, select the Plan Instance ID link associated with the contract you wish to edit.
  2. Click Edit Rates.
  3. Click the Custom Rates selection button. Screen instructions appear that list possible actions.
  4. Enter a new value in the Rate Per Unit value field if you want to edit the plan rate.
  5. To add a new Rate Tier to graduate to after the introductory period, click Add Rate Tier button and Save.
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