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Display Product Catalog Value Translations in the UI


You can specify a locale at either the client or user profile to display Product Catalog translations within the Aria UI.

Note: Setting a display language does not affect the display of data for customers.

To display Product Catalog elements in a different language, the locale for that language must first be setup and translations for the Product Catalog values must be entered.

If a translated value has not been inputted for a specific Product Catalog element, the value will default to the client locale.

Setting a Client Locale

You can choose to display translated Product Catalog values in a different language for all configured accounts by setting a client locale. Setting a client locale will display translated values in the chosen locale for existing, and for newly created, accounts that have translated values.

Note: Only an Aria system administrator has access to change the default client locale. The default client locale is English.

Setting a User Profile Locale

Setting a user profile locale displays all translated Product Catalog values in that locale for only that user's accounts.

Note: The locale set at the user profile overrides the client level setting.

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