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A write-off is an uncollectible debt from your accounts receivable that is performed upon the realization that payment likely will not be received on an account for tendered goods or services.

For instance, if a customer fails to make a payment on an invoice and you believe that the payment will not be received, you can create a write-off which reduces the previously recorded amount of the asset. Write-offs are often performed in conjunction with or after dunning as part of the collections process, and only the full unpaid balance may be written off.

High-Level Bad Debt Management by Receivables Department

write-offs flow.png

Creating a Write-Off

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Payments & Credits > Write-Offs/Dispute Holds > Create a New Write-off.

  1. Select an invoice to write-off from the list of existing invoices.
  2. On the corresponding screen, select the reason for the write-off from the Write-Off Reason drop-down.
  3. Enter any additional information detailing the write-off in the CSR Comments field.
  4. Click Create Write-off.
  5. Confirm the accuracy of the write-off, then click Create Write-off again to finalize the process.

    A confirmation displays and the write-off is recorded in the list of write-offs against the account.

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