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Surcharges enable you to charge customers additional fees.

For instance, a cloud-based video streaming service may charge customers a surcharge fee for choosing to stream high-definition movies rather than standard definition movies.

Surcharges may be assessed as a flat fee or as a percentage of an invoiced amount. A surcharge can be assigned directly to an account, a Master Plan Instance(s) subscribed to by an account, or both. A surcharge may also be applied to a form of payment, such as Payment Terms (example, Net 30 Days) or a form of electronic payment method.

Note: Surcharges associated with a payment method or payment term are calculated before taxes are applied and are then taxed with any other taxable charges. Surcharges can also be included in credit memos and rebills.

The screenshot below displays an account invoice with the following:

  • Master Plan Instances
  • Account-level Surcharge
  • Surcharge on the Master Plan Instance

All surcharges appear on invoices using the external description assigned to them when the surcharge is created. See Create New Surcharge for detailed information.


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