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Invoice Details Screen


The Invoice Details screen provides granular information regarding the selected invoice, such as the total balance due on the plan, the invoice date, bill date, and paid date, among others. In addition, you can perform various invoice-related tasks from this screen, such as viewing and printing the invoice, applying a new payment, applying credits, and voiding the invoice.

Invoice Details Screen Overview

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for and select an account >Statements & Invoices > Invoices tab

From the Invoices screen, select an invoice from the Invoice Number field to display the Invoice details screen.

Refer to the below screenshot and corresponding descriptions to get a better understanding of the this screen.

  1. View & Print: Clicking this link displays a pop-up window that allows you to view and/or print the invoice messaging that accompanies the invoice as it is sent to the customer.
  2. Download Line Item Spreadsheet: Clicking this link downloads a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet that displays each line item that comprises the invoice.
  3. Download Usage Spreadsheet: Clicking this link downloads a CSV spreadsheet that displays the usage records used to calculate all usage based line items on the invoice.
  4. Apply a Payment: Clicking this link displays a list of payment transactions on the account. If a payment has a status of "pass," you will notice a "Void this payment" icon to the left of it. Clicking the Transaction ID link for a payment displays payment details, including a list of invoices against which the payment has been applied.
  5. Apply Cash Credits: Clicking this link displays a screen on which you can create a cash credit for the account.
  6. Write-Off/Dispute Invoice: Clicking this link allows you to:
  7. Void: Clicking this link displays a message that confirms whether you wish to void the invoice. Once an invoice is voided, it cannot be reinstated. Note that voiding an invoice generates an email to the statement contact.
  8. Void and Discard Usage: Clicking this link displays a confirmation message. Clicking OK voids the invoice and discards all of the usage associated with the invoice. Discarded usage records are excluded from statements and usage reports. Once discarded, the records cannot be reinstated and will have to be reloaded into the system if incorrectly discarded.
  9. Rebill: Clicking this link displays a screen on which you can update line items of the selected invoice and rebill it.
  10. Custom Invoice Status: This drop-down allows you to choose a status for the invoice. Available statuses include:
    • Bill Manually
    • Bill Through Partner
    • Completed
    • Email Manually
    • Invalid
    • Missing Billing Info
    • None
    • Other
    • Payment Pending
    • Waiting for PO
  11. Transaction Number: Selecting a transaction number displays a list of transaction related to the account.

If any transaction is prorated, for example, if a master plan instance was added in the middle of a billing period, the details screen displays an additional column, Proration Factor, with details about the prorated item. An example is shown below.

For prorated items, you can place your mouse on the information icon to see how the charge is calculated for the item. See Proration Effects with Plan Changes for details on how proration affects invoices.

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