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Orders Overview


The Orders screen displays a summary of all orders for the account. An order is a set of non-subscription offerings purchased by a customer. A customer can be billed for an order immediately or on the next billing date, depending on the selection made when the order was placed and your system settings.

From the Orders screen, you can create a new order or view individual order details by clicking a specific order number.

Orders Screen Overview

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Orders tab

Refer to the below screenshot and corresponding descriptions to get a better understanding of this screen.

  1. Create a New Order Create a new order for a Master Plan Instance to bill the customer for immediately or on the next billing date.
  1. Select a Plan – Choose a Master Plan Instance from the Select a Plan drop-down to filter the list of orders. The View All default option displays all orders for all Master Plan Instances on the account.
  2. View Comments – If any comments were entered in the CSR Comments field during the order creation, a question mark icon displays in the Comments column. These comments are internal only and can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the icon. When the comment displays, the name of the user who entered the comment also displays.
  3. View Order Details – View the order details by clicking the corresponding order number link. From this screen, you can view the Master Plan Instance associated with the order and change the order fulfilled date.
  4. View Invoice Details – View the invoice for the order by clicking the corresponding invoice number link. From this screen, you can modify the custom invoice status or add any internal notes.
  5. Invoice Status – View the current status of the invoice. Invoice statuses include the following:
    Status Text Displayed
    2 Paid
    1 Sent
    0 Pending Process
    -1 Generating
    -2 Declined
    -3 Arrears
    -4 Void

Note: When an order is created with the Invoice Immediately option set to “Allow this order's line items to be reflected on the next regularly scheduled periodic invoice for this account.” and the Invoice Approval Required Indicator is set to true, the Invoice for the order will be generated in “Pending” state and the Invoice Status will display “Billed”.

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