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Plan Unit Instances


The Plan Unit Instance Details screen acts as a dashboard for each Plan Unit Instance, displaying all relevant information in one central location.

Accessing the Plan Unit Instance Details Screen

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for and select an account > Plans

  1. Upon searching for and selecting an account, select Plans from the left navigation to display the Plans screen.

    The Plans screen displays.
  1. Select a plan to display the Master Plan Instance Details screen.
    The number within the parenthesis next to the name of the Master Plan Instance indicates the amount of plan unit instances that are defined for the plan.
  1. Select the number to display a list of the Plan Unit Instances that are defined for the plan.
  1. Select a Plan Unit Instance ID from the list to display the Plan Unit Instance ID screen.
    1. Plan Instance Details Section: Displays the Plan Name, Plan Number, and Plan Unit Instance ID, among other details related to the plan.
    2. Client Defined Identifier: A custom identifier for the Plan Unit Instance. To update this ID, click within the field and enter a desired identifier for tracking purposes.
    3. Recurring Services: Recurring services that are defined for the Plan Unit Instance. You can define the fulfillment date for these services by clicking within the Fulfillment Date field for each service. Setting a date in this field impacts the value within the Fulfillment Status field.

      For instance, if you wish to delay the billing of a corresponding service, entering a future date in the Fulfillment Date field updates the Fulfillment Status value to "Queued." Entering the current date or a past date updates the Fulfillment Status value to "Invoiced."

      If a recurring service is not configured to be fulfillment-based, then the fulfillment date can be used for tracking purposes but has no impact on system behavior (and does not have a fulfillment status).
    4. Plan Unit Instance Fields: Custom fields that allow you to define characteristics of the Plan Unit Instance.
  1. Click Save when you are finished updating any fields or values.
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