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Add an Account to a Collections Account Group


A collections account group is an object you can associate with a Payment Gateway and configure to process payments in a specific way. In turn, you can associate accounts or Billing Groups with the collections account group. 


  1. Because a Collections Group can be associated to an account and to an account's Billing Group, Aria will use this order of precedence when selecting the payment gateway to use for processing a payment:
    1. Collection group assigned to the billing group associated with the master plan instance being invoiced;
    2. Collection group to which the customer is assigned at the account level.
  2. Aria now will allow accounts to have multiple billing groups with different collection groups when using tokenized credit cards that were tokenized outside of Aria. To facilitate multiple payment methods, the billing agreement ID (token) is validated against the specific collection group. When there is no collection group specified, then the agreement ID will be validated against the account level collection group. When no collection group at account level or billing group level is specified, then the agreement ID will be validated against the last processor mapped to that client.

Adding an Account to a Collections Account Group

Click Accounts > search for an account > Account Overview > Account Groups

  1. Select the collections account group to which the customer should belong.
  1. Click Change Account Group(s). The customer's financial transactions will be completed with the payment gateway or a combination of the payment gateway and the merchant account associated with the collections account group.
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