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Account Contacts Overview


The Contact Details and Contact Types associated with an account are displayed in the Account Overview. You can access and revise a contact's details and contact type from this screen.

  • Contact Details: Includes the name, address, email, phone numbers, locality and company for the contact.
  • Contact Type: This lists the function(s) to which the contact is assigned. The following types of contacts are possible:
    • Account Contact: This is the account holder's information and is configured when creating the account.
    • Billing Contact: This is the name and address associated with the Payment Method on the account.
    • Destination Contact for Services: This contact is defined when configuring a service for a plan purchased by an account, and can be used for tax calculations with the Avalara, Sovos, and Vertex O Series tax engines. This means that the taxes for a service or inventory item can be calculated based on your specified destination contact. Please see this use case for an example of how you can have taxes calculated based on a destination contact.

      Alternatively, if you use any of the 3 tax engines mentioned above, taxes can be calculated based on your specified service location.
    • Destination Contact for Orders: This designation indicates that a contact has been used as the Destination Contact for a non-subscription offering that has been invoiced. Note that this contact type cannot be changed since the invoicing has already occurred and this contact was included as the Destination Contact.
    • Statement Contact: This the statement contact associated with the billing group to which the selected Master Plan Instance belongs.

Display the List of the Contacts Associated with an Account

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for and select an account > Account Overview > Contacts
Contact Overvie 6.47.png

Edit a Contact's Details

  1. To edit a contact's details, such as name or address, click the pencil icon. The contact details display.
    contact details 6.47.png
  2. Enter information into the fields you want to revise.
  3. Click Save. The contact details are changed.

Change a Contact Type

  1. To change a contact type, click the pencil icon. The contact details display.

  2. For contact types other than Account Contact, click the down arrow below the heading "the contact details below apply to the following".
    edit contact type 6.47.png
  1. Update the Contact Type:

Note: You cannot edit the Destination Contact for Orders since this indicates the contact was used for an order that has been processed.

Account Contact

Note: The Account Contact is defined initially during Account Creation.

  1. If the account contact is also designated as another contact type (for example, the account contact is also the billing contact), you have two options:
  • Modify Account Contact Only: Check this option to create a new contact as the Account Contact without changing the other contact.
    account contact type 3.47.png
  • Modify the information for both contact types. If you want the updates to the contact information to apply to both the account contact and the additional contact, do not check Modify Account Contact Only.
  1. Update the contact information.
  2. Click Save.

Billing Contact

  1. Click the Payment Method ID number. The Payment Methods tab displays.
  2. Select or configure a new Billing Contact.
  3. Click Save.

Destination Contact for Services

  1. Click the link for the service.
    Service Link 6.47.png
  1. The plan screen displays. Scroll to Services.
  2. Click the gray arrow to expand the service details.
  1. Click Destination Contact. The following screen displays.
    Destination contact screen 6.47.png
  1. Select the new Destination Contact from the drop-down, or fill out the form with the new contact's information.
  2. Click Save. The Destination Contact has been updated.

Statement Contact

  1. Click the Billing Group ID.
    Billing Group ID 6.47.png
  1. The Billing Group Details screen displays. From the Statement Contact drop-down, select one of the following:
  • An Existing Contact. The form auto-populates with the contact information.
  • Create New Contact. Enter the new contact's information into the blank fields that display.
  1. Click Save. The Statement Contact has been updated.
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