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Aria For Salesforce 4.3 Release Notes

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 4.3

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce 4.3 Contents

Support for Promotions and Coupons in Lightning

The new Promotions and Coupons support in Aria For Salesforce includes a new custom object, "Aria Coupons." This updated functionality includes:

  • The ability to synchronize or refresh coupons from Aria to from the Client Plans section
  • The ability to view a list of Aria coupons on the Coupons tab of the Client Plans section
  • The ability to view existing coupons on an Opportunity, and validate and add coupons to Plans from the Manage Plans > Promotions tab of an Opportunity

Learn how to work with promotions in the Aria For Salesforce application, or learn more about Aria coupons.

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Support for Termed Agreements in Lightning

Aria’s Salesforce integration has been enhanced with this release to support Termed Agreements functionality in its Lightning application (this functionality is already included in Aria Salesforce Classic). With this release, you can do the following:

  • Add or remove contracts to opportunities using termed agreements.
  • Modify contract terms (including the start and end date or duration as well as contract termination actions).
  • Add or remove plans covered by a contract within an opportunity through a termed agreement.
  • Define an end action at the end of the contract or termed agreement.

Termed Agreements with one or more contracts can be applied to one or more plans within an account or to an entire account (learn how to work with termed agreements).

After creating an account and an opportunity, press the Manage Plans button in the upper right corner of the Opportunity page. Select Manage Plans > Terms of Agreement. All Agreements appear in the grid; press the button to Add Agreements. Enter the Client Contract ID and specify a Date Range or Duration for the opportunity (contract start date cannot be earlier than plan activation date). Select an End Action for the opportunity (Continue existing service without contract is the default) and click the link to assign plans. Press Save, and your contract appears on the All Terms of Agreement page.

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