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AMPS 2.13 Release


New and Improved Functionality

This section covers the release notes related to new functionality and capabilities added to AMPS. For this release the following functionality have been made available:

Provide details for future changes scheduled against a subscription (WFAMPS-2545)

This enhancement covers the addition of information related to pending future changes when returning details on subscriptions in "Retrieve Subscription [SubsRetrieveSubscription]". The information returned will indicate what change that is scheduled to happen. The details returned includes information on what the change will actually do, for example it contains the plan ID of the future product if a replace is performed.

Add additional ACCOUNT level fields (WFAMPS-2735)

This enhancement covers the addition of a number of generic fields on the account and making these available in events and various API calls.

The new fields are NOT searchable using "Search Account [AcctSearch¬Account]". Also the fields are not available for use in the migration files. The fields are made available in the following API calls:

  • Create Account [AcctCreateAccount]
  • Retrieve Account [AcctRetrieveAccount]
  • Manage Account [AcctManageAccount]
  • STAMPEN Create Account [STMAcctCreateAccountWithPassword]

In addition the fields have been made available in the "Financial Document" XML as well as all relevant AMPS Events.

API to perform Campaign Eligibility Check (WFAMPS-2758)

This enhancement covers a simplified API that can check the eligibility of a single campaign on a specific customer and product. This API will be used in specific scenarios and where the current "Get Eligible Offerings [SubsGetEligibleOfferings]" API covers to many combinations. The caller would provide:

  • ARIA Account ID / No – the ARIA account identification or number
  • ARIA Plan ID / No – the identification or number of the product selected by the account holder
  • ARIA Rate Schedule ID / No – the identification or number of the rate schedule selected by the account holder.
  • Campaign ID – the identification of the campaign to be checked. The API should return an indication of whether the campaign is eligible or not. A key objective should be that the new API is fast and efficient

The campaign eligibility check performs the following checks:

  • Checks that the campaign exists and is active
  • Checks that one or more campaign selections exist for the campaign and that they are valid for the date the API is called
  • Checks that any restrictions with regards to previous purchases on the same campaign and product within the timeframe allowed.

Application Fixes

This version sees the following application fixes deployed:

Processing of events in scheduled jobs (WFAMPS-2514)

This application fix resolves an issue where a large number of ARIA events were not correctly processed. This issue has been resolved by processing the invoice and credit memo ARIA events in a batch job rather than immediately on receipt. The process is schedule to run frequently between 04:00 and 23:59, but from 00:00 to 03:59 no invoices or credit notes will be processed. A parameter controlling the number of events processed has also been introduced, currently set at 1000.

Subscription member sharing is not set to inactive when user is (WFAMPS-2633)

This application fix resolves an issue where processing of ARIA events was unable to correctly determine the status change for the subscription. In some cases, ARIA produced to entries in the array returned, and the status change was not always the last entry in the array. The issue has now been resolved, and the status change is correctly handled.

Process for automatic write-offs not working as intended (WFAMPS-2657)

This application fix resolves an issue where the automatic write-off processed incorrect subscriptions and invoices. The issue caused no invoices to be written even though they were in the request date range. This issue has now been resolved and invoices are correctly written off.

Units not populated on credit lines (WFAMPS-2723)

This application fix resolves an issue where the number of units in the financial document XML was not correctly set on all documents. This caused issues with some partners receiving the document for processing. This issue has now been resolved by setting the number of units to 1 if the information from ARIA indicates 0.

Migration is stripping 0s from date fields (WFAMPS-2738)

This application fix resolves an issue where the migration process was stripping 0s from date fields. This issue has been resolved and dates are not correctly built in the format "YYYY-MM-DD" including leading zeroes in month and day.

Unable to Cancel a subscription that has a Pending Specific Cancellation set (WFAMPS-2742)

This application fix resolves an issue where the cancellation process incorrectly handled service credits. To resolve this issue, processing of service credit has been updated to get the source invoice no and line no to create the credit memo and "Manage Subscription [SubsManageSubscription]" API has been updated to immediately cancel the subscription which is marked for future cancellation and prorate the future invoice and create the credit memo for unapplied service credits, as required.

Credit Memo created by Credit and reissue process does not calculate VAT correctly (WFAMPS-2744)

This application fix resolves an issue where the "Credit and Re-issue" process did not handle subscriptions with tax exclusive and tax inclusive pricing correctly. This has now been resolved.

Manual Payments via AMPS paymManagePayment causes failure on ERP report (WFAMPS-2746)

This application fix resolves an issue where new payments did not include title codes showing for what title the payment has been received. To resolve the issue, "Manage Payment [PaymManagePayment]" has been updated to include the title code from request. If title code is not provided, but invoice numbers are, the API obtain the title code from the associated billing group. If amount is to be paid on account level and title code is not provided in the call, title code will continue to be sent as null.

Credit and Re-issue invoice is being created overnight and not immediately (WFAMPS-2751)

This application fix resolves an issue where invoices required as part of the "Credit and Re-issue" process was not produced immediately, but rather overnight. To correct the issue, the API "Manage Document [DocmManageDocument]" now allows the caller to indicate whether invoices should be generated immediately or wait for the nightly batch. If the indicator is not provided in the API call, the invoice will be generated overnight.

The JSON schemas for "Manage Document [DocmManageDocument]" has been updated to include the new optional indicator InvoiceTiming. Refer to the Integration Design document for additional details.

Autogiro file is causing processing exception (WFAMPS-2770)

This application fix resolves an issue where leading 0's were stripped off from payer number received in Autogiro agreement file before attempting to fetch data from the "Invoice Details [DocmInvoiceDetails]" where billing group reference equals payer number (without leading zeros). This issue has now been resolved.

Error response received on Cancel API (WFAMPS-2807)

This application fix resolves an issue in "Manage Subscription [SubsManageSubscription]" where service credits where not correctly processed when cancelling a subscription. This has now been resolved by upgrading the ARIA APIs to the latest version.

SubsManageSubscription – REPLACE unable to register address change (WFAMPS-2808)

This application fix resolves an issue where "Manage Subscription [SubsManageSubscription]" during a REPLACE action was unable to correctly handle the address change, for example when moving from a DIGITAL product to a PRINT product. This issue has now been resolved and future address change is not registered to initiate delivery as required.

Migration process to support merging into existing accounts in Aria (WFAMPS-2810)

This application fix resolves an issue where it was not possible to merge a subscription into an existing account during migration. To resolve the issue, API “Manage AMPS Migration Data (ManageAMPSMigrationData)” has been introduced for use during the migration process. Refer to the integration design for additional information.

SubsRetrieveSubscription not returning dates (WFAMPS-2839)

This application fix resolves an issue where the "Retrieve Subscription [SubsRetrieveSubscription]" API did not return correct subscription start and end dates when the status of the subscription was either CANCELLED, SUSPENDED or TERMINATED. This has now been resolved.

AMPS events failures (WFAMPS-2870)

This application fix resolves a number of errors encountered when processing AMPS events. The following issues have been resolved:

  • When processing subscription events having discount data the AMPS Event XSD has been updated to make couponStartDate and couponEndDate optional, as they are sometimes not available.
  • When processing document events, an issue with determining the appropriate dunning group when generating invoices and credit notes.
  • When processing subscription events where member record is deleted. In this case the member data is obtained before the member is deleted.

Proposing changes to One Time ERP (WFAMPS-2883)

This application fix resolves an issue where the one-time migration ERP process were using the wrong run date. This has now been resolved.

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