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Create Non-Subscription Offerings


Non-subscription offerings are physical or virtual items available for one-time purchase by your customers.

Note: If you want to associate product fields with a non-subscription offering, you must first create the product fields (click Configuration > Client Settings > Product Fields > New).

Creating a Non-Subscription Offering

Getting Here: Click Products > Non-subscription Offerings

  1. Click the New button. The Create New Non-subscription Offering form displays.


Note: The Translations link enables defining a translation for the field for an associated locale. Refer to Multi-language Translation for Product Elements for more information.

  1. Complete the Name, Client Defined Identifier, Description, and SKU required fields.
  2. Select Inventory Item from the Type drop-down.
  1. From the Track Stock Level drop-down, select Yes if you want to be able to decrease or increase the stock level of the offering when customers buy the offering or you add to the stock of the offering. You can change the stock level using Aria or the update_inventory_item_stock API call.

    Selecting Yes makes the Adjust Stock Level By field display where you can enter the quantity of the offering that is currently in stock.
  1. In the Status field, define whether the item's status is Active or Inactive.

    Select Inactive to make this offering unavailable for customers to buy or to be ordered for customers by using the Accounts section in Aria.
  1. If you are creating or editing an inventory item, from the Queue Activation drop-down, you can select from the following options.
  • Do not queue if this offering should be available for purchase immediately.
  • Activate after date if this offering should be available for purchase after a date that you specify.
  • Deactivate after date if this offering should be unavailable for purchase after a date that you specify.
  • Queue Date: If you selected Activate after date or Deactivate after date, you must specify the date after which the offering should be available or unavailable for purchase.
  1. Select Yes or No from theAuto Credit Service Activation drop-down:
Yes No
  • Select Yes to generate an unapplied service credit after a customer has paid for an order containing the item. The amount of the unapplied service credit is equal to the amount the customer was charged for the item. Taxes are not included in the amount of the service credit.
  • Select the Alternate Service Code for Resulting Credits from the drop-down. This is the code that displays on the invoice.
  • Input a Alternate Description For Resulting Credits. This description is used on the invoice. If no description is supplied, the description associated with the alternate service code is used.
  • Select No if you do not want an unapplied service credit to be generated.
  1. In the Purchase Rules field, specify if purchase restrictions apply.
  • No Purchase Restrictions (Default): NSOs configured with this option are always available for purchase at list price unless the customer account has only subscribed to plans that only permit the sale of specific NSOs.
  • Can be purchased with qualifying plans only: NSOs configured with this option are only available for purchase at list price as part of a plan bundle or if the customer account has subscribed to a qualifying plan that explicitly permits the sale of these NSOs.
  1. Select Yes or No for Allow Service Credits.
  • Yes: A service credit can be generated from the line item charge for the NSO.
  • No: The line item charge for the NSO is not eligible for service credits.
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