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Multi-language Translation of Product Elements


Customer-facing product catalog elements can have multiple language translations. The language displayed is controlled by the locale setting selected in the Company Profile and in the User Profile Locale. To add a new locale option, refer to Create Locale Settings.

For more information, refer to Multi-Langage Support.

Note: The product catalog and configuration elements are displayed based on the locale setting in the Company Profile. The User Profile locale is honored only in account-related modules.

Translation hyperlinks

For product catalog elements that are defined in open text fields, a translation link is provided. The translation link opens a menu to select a locale and define a translation for the field.

Translation Hyperlink.png

NOTE: The data entered directly into the field next to the translations link (the first screen) is saved as the translation for the account locale. The options in the Locale Name drop-down therefore do not include the account locale.

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