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Create a Coupon Group


Through the Coupon Groups page, you can add coupons to coupon groups and define the precedence of each coupon group, with respect to other coupon groups. When two or more coupons are applied to an account, the order in which the coupons are applied is decided by the precedence of the coupon group mapped with it.

The Coupon Groups page displays records in the order of their precedence (higher precedence at the top).

Creating a Coupon Group

Getting Here: Click Marketing > Coupon Groups

  1. Click the New button at the top of the Coupon Groups page.

    The Create New Coupon Group page displays.
    coupon groupv2.png

  1. Enter a name for the coupon group in the Group Name field.
  2. Enter an identifier in the Client Defined Identifier field, if it should be different than the automatically populated value.
  3. Enter a description for the coupon group in the Description field.
  4. Enter a numeric value for the precedence in the Precedence field (optional).

    Entering a precedence that is already taken by another coupon group displays the following message that you must confirm before proceeding.

    If no precedence is set, coupon groups will be applied in the order that they are assigned to an account.

  1. Select coupons from the Add Coupons to this Coupon Group list and click the Add button to add these coupons to the coupon group you are creating.

    Note: A coupon cannot be associated with more than one coupon group. Only coupons that are not already assigned to any coupon group are displayed in this section.

    Selected coupons display in the Coupons in this Group section below.
    add couponsv3.png

    You can add or remove a coupon from a coupon group at any time, even if the associated coupon is already assigned to an account. Likewise, deleting a coupon group only deletes the mapping between the coupon group and the coupon, and not the coupons within the coupon group.

  1. Click Save.

    If two or more assigned coupons belong to the same coupon group, then they will have the same precedence and will be applied in the order that they are assigned to an account (FIFO).

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