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General Ledger Codes

General Ledger Codes
The General Ledger (GL) is a report that provides a detailed description of every general ledger account and the transactions that make up the balance in that account.

The general ledger holds all of the financial information used to create the income statement and balance sheet reports, and serves several main purposes in the financial operation of a business. The general ledger consists of the Chart of Accounts, individual transactions, account balances, and the financial reports for a given accounting period.

General Ledger and Revenue Recognition

There are three GL account codes that are used in Aria. The GL codes Accounts Receivable and Earned Revenue must be provided for services to be represented in Aria SmartRec. The GL code Deferred Revenue must only be provided if you wish for deferrable services to be represented in Aria SmartRec.

GL account codes may be reused across multiple services, but only services with GL account codes present are represented in Aria SmartRec. 

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