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Manage Dunning Processes


From the Dunning Processes screen, you can create a new dunning process, view a dunning process's details, edit a previously created dunning process, and set a default dunning process.

All active dunning processes are displayed and can be managed from the Dunning Processes screen, detailed below.

Managing Dunning Processes

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Dunning Processes

Dunning process main.png

Create New Dunning Process: Click the New button at the top of the Dunning Processes screen to create a new dunning process to associate with a plan(s), or to associate directly with a dunning group.

View Dunning Process Details: Click a dunning process to view information related to an existing dunning process via the Details, Plan Assignment, and Configuration tabs, as shown below.

Dunning 1 Edit.png

Set Default Dunning Process: Click the star icon to the left of the dunning process that you want to set as the default dunning process (optional). This setting saves dynamically and can be changed at any time.

  • To remove a default dunning process, click the star icon in the first column to turn the star gray.

Note: If a Master Plan Instance has an overdue balance, but no dunning process is assigned to that Master Plan Instance, then that Master Plan Instance is not dunned. Specifying a default dunning process ensures that all Master Plan Instances with an overdue balance are dunned.

  • To delete a dunning process, click the red X in the right-most column. Note that dunning processes associated with a dunning group cannot be deleted.
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