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Global Homepage

The Global homepage is where you will land once you switch from Aria Billing to CCP for the first time. From here you have to option to search through CCP accounts, look at recent activity, and view recent search results. 

Note: If you have a previous session of CCP, you will return to the last page you were on. 

Tour of CCP Home Page


Screen Elements

  1. Client Instance Dropdown: Navigate to other accessible client instances if you have more than one instance of Aria Billing. Expand the dropdown to view or open another client instance. If only one client instance is available, no dropdown menu will be shown.
  2. Home Page Link: Returns you to CCP default Home Page. The home page shows a list of all accounts your user has access to.
  3. Quick Access Account Menu Options: Quick Access to Account, Transactions, and Subscriptions related CCP functions.
    • Under Account you can find: the Account Overview, Invoices, Contracts, Contacts, Coupons, Child Accounts, and Account Groups.
    • Within Transactions you can find: Credits, Refunds, Payments, Open Charges, and Write-Offs.
    • In Subscriptions you can find: History, Details, Billing Groups, Orders, and Dunning Groups.
  4. Side Menu Options:
    • Notifications opens email communications from Aria.
    • Help will open available CCP topics for user support.
    • User ID shows the current session user.
  5. Switch to Aria Billing: This link will exit CCP and return to Aria Billing.
  6. Account Search: Search and filter through existing Accounts by selecting a search criteria and entering your search in the text box.
  7. Current Active Page: The main region of the interface that shows you the Aria function that you are currently viewing.
  8. Recent Account Activity: Allows you to access different saved search criteria like Recently Accessed Accounts.


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