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Entering and Exiting CCP

Entering and Exiting CCP

Follow the steps below to navigate to and from Aria Billing and CCP. Keep in mind, your current Aria Billing instance will be the instance you see in CCP. 

Log into Aria Billing as you normally would to access your legacy account management application.



Click the Aria Customer Care Portal menu option at the bottom of the Aria Billing navigation menu. The Customer Care Portal user interface will open within the same tab on your browser.  


Note: Notice that the current instance name (QA A7) is selected in the Client Instance dropdown at the top of the screen in Aria Billing. 


If you have more than one instance of Aria Billing, you may see a dropdown list at the top of the side navigation panel within CCP. Expand the dropdown to view or open another client instance. If only one client instance is available, no dropdown menu will be shown.



To exit CCP and return to the Aria Admin Interface, click Aria Admin Interface at the bottom left of the side panel of the CCP UI.



After 15 minutes of inactivity, a Session Timeout Alert popup warns you that your session is about to expire with a countdown displaying how much time is left. Once the time has run out, a Session Expired alert will display.

Session Timeout (1).pngSession Timeout (2).png


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