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Batch Processes


Aria batch processes (also known as batch jobs) run once a day to manage your accounts. Batch processes perform functions such as generating invoices, collecting payments, sending emails and statements to customers, completing dunning steps, and loading Activity Loader data into Aria.

The list of jobs varies depending on what additional jobs that you had Aria Systems Customer Support configure in your Aria implementation. You can change the status of only the following jobs:

  • Standard CC Expiration Notification
  • Standard Pre-invoice housekeeping
  • Standard data_pull job

To receive email alerts if a batch job fails, refer to how to set the batch job alert contact in Add a Company Profile.  

Changing a Batch Job Status

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > Batch Processes.

  1. From the Status drop-down, select the desired status for the Standard CC Expiration Notification, Standard Pre-invoice housekeeping, Standard data_pull and other batch jobs:
  • Select On to run batch jobs daily.
  • Select Off to disable batch jobs.
  • Select Suspend to queue batch jobs. The batch jobs will not run until the Status is set to On.


  1. Click Save.
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