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List of Batch Processes


Listed below are the standard daily and twice-monthly Aria batch processes (i.e. "batch jobs").

It is important to note that because these batch jobs are run in a multitenant environment with dependencies, and each job relies on when the prior job completes, it is impossible to specify exactly when a certain batch job will run for each client, or when it will be completed.

For instance, Batch Job 22 (Invoicer), shown below, will take significantly longer to run for a client on a heavier billing day, because of the increased number of invoices.

Daily Batch Processes

Listed below are the most common batch jobs that run daily, in the order that they run. Not all batch jobs run for all clients, contact your customer service representative for specific information about your site.


Job Name


3 Pre-invoice housekeeping Accounts requiring archiving, suspension, termination, etc.
22 Invoicer Generates invoices for client accounts
23 Billing Manager Bills and collects from accounts
24 Statement Manager Creates account statements
25 Mailer Sends emails to accounts
26 Dunning Manager Manages late or overdue accounts
27 Net Terms/Statement Status Manager Manages late net terms accounts and updates statement statuses
38 data_pull Runs client data pull
40 Litle LAU Creates and sends current Litle LAU batch and receives prior unprocessed batches
44 RevRec ETL Process Populates RevRec data store for clients
45 PDF Transfer Sends the concatenated PDF to a FTP location
46 PDF Master Generate Generates concatenated Master PDF
53 Tax Post Posts to external tax server
54 Tax requeue Requeues failed tax posts
56 Process plans in queue Processes all plans queued up for an effective date.

Twice-Monthly Batch Job

Listed below is the batch job that runs on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Job Name


2 CC Expiration Notification E-mails accounts whose credit cards are expiring

Note: Some clients may have additional batch jobs that run which are necessary given the requirements of their particular implementation.

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