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Snowflake VC Object: Services

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CLIENT_NO NUMBER CLIENT_NO uniquely identifying each unique client
BATCH_ID NUMBER BATCH_ID uniquely identifying each batch run by numeric format YYYYMMDDHH24MI
CHG_ID NUMBER CHG_ID uniquely identifying each changed record sort to be processed in soonest first order of the format YYYYMMDDHH24MI and a sequence number
EVENT_TSTAMP TIMESTAMP_NTZ EVENT_TSTAMP of the JSON record showing when the change was generated
EVENT_ID TEXT EVENT_ID for the change JSON record
CREATETIME NUMBER CREATETIME createtime of the changed JSON record
ACTIONS TEXT ACTIONS for create, load, update, delete determining processing behavior for the record.
SERVICE_NO NUMBER The service_no for the referenced record.
CLIENT_SERVICE_ID TEXT The unique identifier for the client service id.
NAME TEXT The service name.
SERVICE_TYPE_CD TEXT The service type code.
IS_TAXABLE BOOLEAN Is the service taxable?
SERVICE_LOCATION_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for the service location.
IS_SERVICE_CREDITS_ELIGIBLE BOOLEAN Are the service credits eligible?
COMMODITY_CODE TEXT The commodity code.
TAX_SERVICE_GROUP_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for a tax service group number.
REVENUE_ACCOUNT_GL_CODE_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for a revenue account gl code number.
ACCOUNT_RECEIVABLE_GL_CODE_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for a accounts receivable gl code number.
DEFERRED_GL_CODE_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for a deferred gl code number.
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