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Data Extract and Connectors

Data Extract and Connectors
Aria's Data Feed is a web service that, when enabled, gives clients valuable access to their monetization data. It is designed to provide an always-on, continuous stream of your business data as it changes.

The Data Feed web service is an add-on service intended for reporting and analytics. The Logical Object Model design allows data to easily be parsed to synchronize with other information systems. Aria Snowflake data share enables merging of Aria data with other business data in your own data lake to provide a continuously updated picture of your business. 

Aria Data Feed is used for non-latency applications that require an up-to-date business picture. With Data Feed enabled, Aria clients acquire an authentication token, then configure a client—in their preferred programming language—to consume Server-Sent Events (SSE) from the Aria platform.

The diagrams below represent how each data connector works and indicate what is handled by Aria and what is the client's responsibility.

Data Feed Web Service


Data Feed + Universal Connector


Data Feed + Snowflake


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