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Aria Knowledge Central

Discount Management

  • Discount configuration is matched using Aria core functionality
    • A discount rule must exist in Aria core
    • A coupon must exist in Aria core
    • The discount in AMPS is linked to the coupon defined in Aria core
    • New discounts are automatically synchronized with Aria core
  • Discounts are defined as ….
    • Percentage based discounts, i.e. 10% off the subscription value.
    • Amount based discounts, i.e. 10€ off each invoice.
  • Assigning multiple discounts to a subscription will give customer more discount off
    • Assigning a 10% discount and a 15% discount will result in 25% discount being given
  • Discounts are assigned ….
    • Automatically based on purchase volume, i.e. from third subscription you get 10% off, from fifth subscription you get 20% off and so on
    • Manually on request from client staff.
    • Existing discounts can also be removed by client staff
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