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Distribution Management

Delivery addresses

  • Supports the definition of one or more delivery addresses for a customer
  • Supports multiple different address types (e.g., home address, business address, cabin address, etc.)
  • Delivery addresses contains two sets of details, namely:
  • General information on the address split over 4 different address lines (similar to Aria)
  • Detailed information on the address:
    • street name
    • street or house number
    • flat number
    • entrance number
    • floor
    • apartment number
    • additional client specific information
  • Also allows the ability to attach a government defined address number uniquely identifying the address within the country.

Address Changes

  • Supports creation of one or more future address changes (e.g., moving to the mountain retreat from August 1, 2020)
  • Supports split delivery of newspapers (e.g., delivery on weekdays to the home address, while weekend delivers are sent to the cabin)
  • Supports stop and start of delivery as well.


  • Distribution of address changes are generated and distributed to the distribution partner in due time, i.e. one or two days before it is supposed to take effect
  • Distribution allows for feedback on distribution problems (e.g., delivery did not take place to a full district or route)
  • Distribution can be done via batch files or in real-time (customization)
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