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Statement Templates


The Statement Template section allows you to select a pre-defined format to use for statements sent to an account, and to specify a minimum balance necessary to send a statement to an account.

Specifying Statement Information

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Statement Template tab > Edit Fields

You can edit the following fields on this screen:

  • Template: The name of the template that defines the appearance of statements sent to this account.
  • Minimum Statement Threshold: Enter the lowest amount that causes a statement to be produced. This must be less than the amount in the Minimum Dunning Threshold field.
  • Maximum Number of Statements to Defer: After the number of statement cycles you specify here, a statement is sent even if the amount does not meet the minimum statement threshold.
  • Apply to Anniversary Statements Only: Check this box if you want these values to apply only to regularly generated statements on the account's anniversary date, and not to manually generated statements.
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