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Open Charges


The Open Charges screen displays all open (prorated) charges on the account and the total charge amount. All listed prorated charges will be invoiced on the master plan instance anniversary date.

Open Charges Screen

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Open Charges tab


  • Proration No.: The Line Number is now appended to the end of this column with a - N as shown above.
  • Date: This displays the original posting date/time. If there is an updated posting date, that date will appear instead.
  • Period: This displays the period date range.
  • Plan Name: This displays the plan name.
  • Description:
    • For a prorated open charge, the following appears: ‘Prorated charge for <Service name> due to <plan action: i.e., plan cancellation or plan update> on <update date format: depends on client date format setting>’. ◦
    • For a regular open charge, the following appears: ‘<Service name>'.
  • Charge Amount: This displays the open charge amount.
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