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Create a Child Account with both a Self Pay Plan and a Parent Pay Plan


In this use case, we will create a child account that is responsible for paying for its own orders but whose parent account pays for its plans. You may choose to assign either a $0 or a paid plan to the child account, with self pay responsibility.

Example: You can create child accounts for departments (child accounts) who will have their bills paid out of the company (parent account) budget instead of their departmental budgets. However, if the departments want to order items, they will need to pay for them out of their own departmental budgets.

The use case shown below involves 3 steps:

  1. Create the Parent Account
  2. Create the Child Account with a Self Pay Plan and Self Pay Order
  3. Assign a Parent Pay Plan to the Child Account


A. Create the Parent Account

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If the parent account doesn't already exist, call the create_acct_complete_m API as described in the basic registration use case to create a parent account.

B. Create the Child Account with a Self Pay Plan and Self Pay Order

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Sample Call

To create the child account, call the create_acct_complete_m API again as described in the basic registration use case and pass values into the additional fields identified below.

In this example, we will create the child account with the self pay responsibility level (1), so that Aria will bill that account for its invoices using the payment method assigned to that child account. We will also include an order with the plan purchase. If the child account will not have a paid plan subscription, you may choose to assign a $0 master plan to that account. That way, the child account will be billed for only the order.


Sample Response

You can use the <acct_no> returned by the API to search for the child account in the Aria application and confirm that the account was created correctly as described in the use case above.

In the Aria application, you will be able to see the parent-child account structure in the Account Hierarchy Glance section at the bottom of the Account Overview screen.




C. Assign a Parent Pay Plan to the Child Account

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Sample Call

To add the parent pay plan, complete these steps:

  1. Call the get_client_plans_basic_m API to obtain the plan(s) that the child account can add.
  1. Get parent account's plan instance number by calling the get_acct_details_all_m API and obtaining the value in the <master_plan_instance_no> field.
  1. To add a plan with parent pay responsibility, call the assign_acct_plan_m API as described below:
  1. Identify the child account that is adding a plan as shown below:

    The customer's account number is returned in the <acct_no> field of the response from the create_acct_complete_m API that called in part B above.clipboard_e6c9d57d990b85cdb1e8ab7bb4243c443.png

  1. Identify the new plan to be assigned as shown below:

    Obtain the identifier of the new plan from the <plan_no> field returned by the get_client_plans_basic_m API.clipboard_e021a2d83811201ec68e2d915b55b6ddc.png

  1. Identify the quantity of the new plan that the customer wants to purchase as shown below:clipboard_ef0177e5bef260e81de76ff8ecba74caf.png
  2. Specify the status that the new plan should be in as shown below:
  3. Identify the party who will pay for the new plan as shown below:

    In this example, the parent account will pay for the child account's plan.

  4. Identify the parent account's plan whose payment method will be billed for the child account's new plan, as shown below.clipboard_e56fcc3a52cff91298c33fe943790575f.png

Note: In this example, we did not align the parent and child accounts' billing dates. This means that if we assigned the parent pay plan in the middle of the parent account's billing cycle, then Aria will bill the parent account for the child account's plan on the child account's billing date. As a result, the parent account will be billed on multiple dates.

Please see this use case for an example in which we aligned the billing dates: Create a Child Account with a Parent Pay Plan and Aligned Billing Dates.

Sample Response

Aria will transfer the balance for the parent pay plan to the parent account. In the Aria application, you will see the balance transfer  in the Recent Transactions section on the Account Overview screen.


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