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Create a Child Account with a Parent Pay Plan and Aligned Billing Dates


In this use case, we will create a child account whose parent account will pay for its invoices.

Example: You can create child accounts for departments (child accounts) who will have their bills paid out of the company (parent account) budget instead of their departmental budgets.


Sample Call

  1. If the parent account doesn't already exist, call the create_acct_complete_m API as described in the basic registration use case to create a parent account.
  1. Call the get_acct_details_all_m API to obtain the bill through date (<last_bill_thru_date>) and master plan instance number (<master_plan_instance_no>) of the parent account.
  1. To create the child account, call the create_acct_complete_m API again as described in the basic registration use case and pass values into the additional fields identified below.

    In this example, we will create the child account with the parent pay responsibility level (2), so that Aria will bill the parent account for the child account's invoices. Aria will bill the parent account using the payment method associated with the master plan identified in the <resp_master_plan_inst_no> field, as described below.

Notes: In the example below:

  • For the child account, we will pass in an <override_bill_thru_date> that matches the parent account's <last_bill_thru_date>. This will align both accounts' billing dates.
  • The <override_bill_thru_date> that you pass in must be in the future and cannot exceed one recurring billing interval. Aria will set the child account's bill day to the <override_bill_thru_date> + 1 day.


Sample Response

You can use the <acct_no> returned by the API to search for the child account in the Aria application and confirm that the account was created correctly as described in use case above.

In the Aria application, you will be able to see the parent-child account structure in the Account Hierarchy Glance section at the bottom of the Account Overview screen.




  • In the example shown above, both the parent and child plans have monthly bililng intervals. For the child account that was created on 7 September 2019 whose parent account's bill day is on the 5th:
  • On the first invoice generated on 7 September 2019, Aria will bill the parent account for prorated charges covering the period from 7 September 2019 to 4 October 2019 (<override_bill_thru_date>).
  • After that, the parent account will be billed on the 5th (<override_bill_thru_date> + 1 day) of every month for the child account's charges covering a full billing interval from the 5th to the 4th (because the parent and child account's billing dates were aligned).
  • If the parent and child account plans had different billing intervals, Aria would transfer the child account's balance to the parent account on the parent account's bill day.

    Example: If the parent had a monthly plan and the child had a quarterly plan, Aria would:

  • prorate the child account's first invoice; then
  • transfer the child account's balance to the parent account every quarter after that on the parent account's bill day.
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