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Aria API Concepts

Aria API Concepts
Learn prerequisites for working with Aria's API, including how to format API calls and test use cases before starting to code.
  • API Index
    Here is a complete listing of the Core, Object Query, and Admintools APIs.
  • API Live
    API Live allows you to execute APIs from within the Aria UI.
  • Aria API Error Messages Unabridged List
    Below is a listing of all known API Error Codes.
  • Aria IP Ranges
    All third-party providers, including Aria client servers or tax/payment gateways, must have these outbound addresses whitelisted if the provider's feature is integrated with Aria. To whitelist these IP addresses for third-party providers, you must either use the administrative interface of that provider, or contact their Support team.
  • Formatting Recursive Arrays
    Several APIs include recursive arrays, allowing you to create or perform actions on more than a single object within Aria. These arrays, in turn, might include arrays within them, and so on, to whatever level of depth is required for the given objects.
  • create_acct_complete_m API Walkthrough
    The diagram below identifies some key sections and fields within the create_acct_complete_m API that you can use to customize account information.
  • Forming JSON API Calls
    Aria Core and Object Query API calls accept well-formed JSON input that is compliant with Aria's API schema.
  • Making API Calls
    Each API request is authenticated using a combination of the <client_no> and <auth_key> parameters. In lieu of the <auth_key>, you can also use a client certificate for authentication.
  • SwaggerHub API Specifications Guide
    Aria's Core and Object Query API specifications are hosted on SwaggerHub, and linked from their associated Guides. SwaggerHub shows JSON formatting for each API call, with the ability to test API calls directly from within the specification.
  • TM Forum Open APIs and Open Digital Architecture
    Aria, a member of TM Forum since 2020, has publicly committed to the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto in support of the telecommunication industry’s move to cloud-native monetization solutions.
  • Web Service API Prerequisites
    To make API calls to Aria, you must whitelist the IP addresses from which you make API calls. If you make an API call from an IP address that is not whitelisted, you encounter an authentication error.

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