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Forming JSON API Calls


Aria Core and Object Query API calls accept well-formed JSON input that is compliant with Aria's API schema.

  • SwaggerHub: All Core and Object Query API call specifications are documented in SwaggerHub with JSON sample calls and the ability to test them from within those specifications.
  • Swagger SDK: Aria provides a Swagger file, in the JSON format, to generate an SDK in your preferred programming language. A new Swagger file is generated for each Aria release. This can help to rapidly develop custom applications that integrate with Aria, in several different programming languages, that format data into JSON inputs to the Aria API out of the box.
  • If you plan to develop your own code to integrate with Aria, you can refer to to understand how to properly format API calls.

Code Sample

Below is a formatted create_order JSON call:

    "rest_call": "create_order_m",
    "output_format": "json",
    "client_no": 1234,
    "auth_key": "(not displayed)",
    "do_write": "false",
    "bill_immediately": 1,
    "acct_no": 2345,
    "plan_instance_no":3456 ,
    "order_line_items": [
        {"client_sku":"Taxable Order", "units": 3},
        {"client_sku":"Taxable Order", "units": 4}
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