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TM Forum Open APIs and Open Digital Architecture


Aria, a member of TM Forum since 2020, has publicly committed to the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto in support of the telecommunication industry’s move to cloud-native monetization solutions.

The TM Forum Open API & ODA model is designed to replace traditional operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) architectures and become the de facto standard for open platforms, allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to digitally transform and reduce software procurement, integration, and development inefficiencies.


ODA Functional Architecture – High-Level View

TM Forum ODA Functional Architecture – High-Level View.jpg
The ODA comprises five key functional blocks as shown in the diagram above, summarized as follows:

Engagement Management (EGM)

  • Responsible for interactions by people, organizations and things that are powered by front ends and secure APIs

Party Management (PM)

  • Responsible for interactions and data associated with entities or actors that are involved with the enterprise and provides support for identification processes which are required to validate parties and management of party relationships

Core Commerce Management (CMM)

  • Responsible for formalizing business models, revenue generation and business assurance processes


  • Responsible for the delivery and lifecycle management of Customer Facing Services (CFS) and Resource Facing Services (RFS)

Intelligence Management

  • Uses analytical processes to produce insights on business activity and to interact with operational processes through knowledge-defined automation

Open APIs

Aria has identified several Open APIs that align with our billing and monetization platform. As Aria gains conformance certification from TM Forum, Aria will publish the details and specifications of the API here: TM Forum Open API List

The use of the Open APIs on an Aria instance will require the entitlement and enablement of Aria Workflow.

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