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Aria for Salesforce 4.8 Release Notes

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 4.8

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers


Please Note: The Aria Platform will no longer be supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 after Aria Salesforce Release 4.8. Per Microsoft: The Internet Explorer 11 browser will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022. Please plan appropriately to accommodate this forthcoming update to our list of supported Web browsers.

Aria supports the latest stable versions of the following Web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Swapping Existing Plans for New Plans in Account Opportunities (SFDC-146)

The current Aria for Salesforce (Lightning) release focused on implementing the capability to replace or “swap” an existing plan with a new plan for Opportunities and Quotes in accounts and supporting functionality that following the tickets listed below. The Swap Plans option is located in the All Plans screen's Actions column drop-down.
Getting here: Open an existing Opportunity (with saved and committed existing plans). Then, click on the Manage Plans button and select Plans in the sidebar to open the All Plans screen. In the Actions drop-down, select Swap Plans. The Swap Plan pop-up dialog appears.
actions_drop-down_swap_plans_option.jpg swap_plan_popup_cancl-savebuttons.png

To swap/replace a plan in Salesforce Lightning:

  1. In the All Plans screen, select the Action drop-down Swap Plans option of the plan you want to replace.
  2. In the Swap Plan pop-up dialog, click the selection button on the desired replacement plan from the Group Plan listing and click Save. Notice that both the plan that you wish to replace and the one you are replacing it with appear in orange to highlight the changes and their statuses will be labeled "Existing". The plan you had chosen to swap out will appear with strike-through text in the All Plans screen.
  3. Click Save in the All Plans screen and the Commit button.

Note the following about the Swap Plans feature functionality:

  • Swap Plan option is only displayed for an existing MPI on an account
  • A new MPI added to a Quote and an SPI do not have the Swap Plans option
  • When the Swap Plan option is selected the Swap Plan pop-up dialog appears
  • The plans displayed in the Swap Plan pop-up are populated by Plan groups configured in connector Aria instance
  • The Plan Groups configured in Aria are synced to Salesforce on Refresh
  • Mandatory SPI are visible in Swap Plan pop-up dialog but are not selectable(SFDC-1500, SFDC-1591)

Swap Plan Pop-Up - Dialog Pagination

For Lightning, plan counts for Swap Plan groups will correctly display expected pagination in the Swap Plans pop-up dialog via the Actions drop-down in the Add Plans screen. To scroll through pop-up pages, click on activated arrow buttons. Records are displayed in a maximum of 10 plans per page. (SFDC-1502)

All Plans Screen - Reverse Swap Functionality

For Salesforce Lightning's new Swap Plans option in the All Plans screen, an Undo Change hyperlink was added to the Actions drop-down so that any swapped plan actions can be reversed. After the swap, the replaced plan appears in “strike through” text next to the Undo Change link, highlighted in orange. Once clicked, the replaced plan appears as the "Existing" (status) plan in gray and the “strike through” is removed. (SFDC-1504, SFDC-1648, SFDC-1649)

Swap Plan Pop-Up - Save Button Functionality

For the Lightning release, the Swap Plan pop-up dialog's Save button will carry out any change actions as expected, including any plan replacements that are saved to the quote and committed.(SFDC-1505, SFDC-1648, SFDC-1650)

Manage Plan Screen - Commit Button Sync Functionality

For the Lightning release, the Manage Plan's Commit button (in upper right of screen) will enact changes via the connector to the Aria instance based on any actions saved when using the Swap Plans option functionality for plan replacement during the current user session. For example, from the Quote Overview screen, any replaced plans using the Swap Plans feature will be updated with the connector. (SFDC-1506, SFDC-1653, SFDC-1820)

Manage Plan Screen - Quote Level Add Plan Support for Swap Plans

For Lightning, in addition to copying all objects to a new quote if an existing Opportunity is open and has plans added (existing functionality), also replaced plans from using the Swap Plans option are copied into the new quote. (SFDC-1651)

Manage Plan Screen - Start Sync Button Functionality

Salesforce Lightning Start Sync button functionality on a Quote will sync/copy all objects from a Quote to an Opportunity. Now, in addition, any replaced plans implemented using the Swap Plans feature will also be copied over to the Opportunity. (SFDC-1652)

Manage Plan Screen - Contract Level Support for Swap Plans

(Lightning Only) Any support issues associated with the Swap Plans feature replacing plans on the contract level have been resolved; however, it is advised that you are aware that when replacing an existing plan's contract with a swapped plan's contract, there may be residual contractual fees associated with dissolving the first contract prior to the originally contracted end date.(SFDC-1732)

Swap Plan Pop-Up - Mandatory SPI Support

After a Swap Plan action is performed, mandatory SPI will be displayed as expected (SFDC-1809)

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • No reported bug fixes were addressed in the current release of Aria for Salesforce.
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