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Aria For Salesforce 4.1 Release Notes

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 4.1

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

One Time Products (Orders) Lightning Enhancements

  • When you add, duplicate, or delete one time products, the Price Monitor is updated accordingly. (SFDC-240)
  • Adding one time products will now include all selected items on the Selected One Time Products screen and in the Search results.(SFDC-302)
  • When you click Cancel on the Add One Time Products screen, any selected product will not be added to the order. Instead, the Selected One Time Products screen will be displayed.(SFDC-306)
  • When you add one time products to an opportunity, those items are displayed in the correct format as shown on the Selected One Time Products screen (getting there: Select an opportunity > Manage Plans > One Time Products > Add Products > Add). (SFDC-306)
  • Duplicating an item on the Selected One Time Products screen will create a copy of that item. (SFDC-307)
  • When you delete an item from the Selected One Time Products screen, that item is now removed from the list of Selected One Time Products and any associated opportunity. (SFDC-308)
  • The Tax column is now displayed on the Selected One Time Products if the Enable Tax Feature is selected in your configuration. (SFDC-309)
  • If One Time Products exist on an Opportunity in Aria For Salesforce, a Selected One Time Products screen will be displayed. If One Time Products do not exist on an Opportunity in Aria For Salesforce, an Add One Time Products screen will be displayed.(SFDC-310)
  • A Save button on the Selected One Time Products screen allows you to save Selected One Time Products assigned to Account plans in the Assignment drop down, and to access those Saved Selected One Time Products when you save and exit the Opportunity. Items assigned to different Account Plans will be created as separate orders.(SFDC-311)
  • Clicking Commit creates One Time Products in Aria. This functionality supports creating on Order both with and without an Account Plan change. (SFDC-312)
  • If the custom permissions "quantity of product" and "price on product" are configured for a User in Aria General Configurations for Units and Price, then Units and Price should not be editable.(SFDC-313)
  • To update the One Time Products total in the page header, select a plan from the drop-down list in the Assignment column and click Save.(SDFC-454)
  • Access Add One Time Products and the Search Products help text appears in the search field in the upper right corner of the dialog box. (SFDC-458)
  • After selecting products and clicking Save, the Selected One Time Products dialog box appears. The following When to Invoice selections appear automatically: Next billing cycle (default), Immediately, and Pending State.(SFDC-493)
  • The ability to synchronize One Time Products from Aria to Salesforce has been temporarily fixed to sync approximately 670 NSOs by filtering out unwanted data. Aria will implement a permanent fix in a forthcoming patch release.(SFDC-533)

Plan Cancellation Enhancements

  • This feature adds the ability to cancel plans for Aria accounts from the All Plans screen in the Aria for Salesforce Lightning interface. The plans can be cancelled Immediately or on a Future Date or Anniversary. A Cancellation Credit from date can be set for the cancelled plan upon which a credit will be calculated. (SFDC-158, SFDC-430)
  • A Reactivate link in the Action column on the All Plans screen allows you to reactivate plans marked as Cancelled. (SFDC-428)

UI Enhancements

  • Salesforce Administrators can now configure Custom Sections on the Aria Configuration screen that users can view on the Manage Plans screen. Custom screens can be accessed via the left-hand side menu below Billing Group. (SFDC-18)
  • The text "(read only)" is appended to the Promotions and Terms of Agreement links on left-hand side menu of the Manage Plans screen.(SFDC-489)

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • The Write-Off/Dispute Hold History now displays as expected for the selected MPI in Aria For Salesforce. Previously, invoices displayed for all Master Plans. (SFDC-323, SFDCQA-976)
  • Aria For Salesforce users can now set subscription Cancellations to a future date. The error, "Please fill in a future date," no longer appears, preventing the user from saving a future-scheduled Cancellation. (SFDC-342, SFDCQA-977)
  • When clicking the New Product Change button on an Account page in both the Lightning and Classic UIs, you no longer get an unexpected "Attempt to de-reference a null object" error. (SFDC-347, SFDCDEV-324, PACOPS-1107)
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