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Usage Unit Thresholding Overview


Aria's event notification system sends an electronic message (in various configurable formats) when specific events happen within the system. In addition, Aria offers the ability to set up to four usage unit thresholds for tracking customer usage at the unit level. You can also retrieve an account's usage history to see how many units of usage an account has accumulated at any time, the unit rate, and, if thresholds are exceeded, the total charge for exceeded units.

This functionality is especially useful for common business models that feature an initial “free” offering of a certain number of units of usage, after which users are automatically transferred to a paid plan. You may want to receive an event notification at specific unit thresholds before the automatic transfer to a paid plan and send warning emails to account holders prior to the transfer to a paid plan.

For example, you may want to offer a plan that provides the account holder with the first 1,000 usage units free of charge, and then charge $0.25 for each additional usage unit exceeding this amount. In this example, you may want to notify your system(s) and the account holder when their usage reaches or exceeds certain unit threshold percentages, such as 70% (700 units) and 90% (900 units), alerting them that they are approaching the limits of the plan’s free usage.

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