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Set Up Usage Unit Thresholds


You can set up to four usage unit thresholds by following the prerequisite and steps outlined below.


To see and access the Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab, which is necessary to set up usage unit thresholds, you must first complete the steps below.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Security > Account Access > Usage > Pages

  1. Select the On Display toggle next to Unit-based Usage Monitoring.
    If you do not have access to this page, please contact your Aria Customer Support Representative.
  2. Click Save.
    entitlements v4.png
    A Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab will now display on the Usage screen (Accounts > search for an account > Usage).

Setting Up Usage Unit Thresholds

There are a number of steps involved with setting up usage unit thresholds, as outlined below:

  1. Setting up usage defaults (option 1)
  2. Assigning the plan to an account
  3. Setting up manual usage thresholds (option 2)
  4. Setting account and event notifications
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