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General Ledger Codes


This feature allows you assign debit and credit general ledger (GL) codes to several transaction types within Aria. GL codes can then be used for downstream reporting.

A GL code does not need to be associated with each transaction type. The maximum length for a GL code is 100 characters. Changes take effect immediately going forward, however existing transactions are not modified.

Only users who are assigned to a role with Read and Edit access to this page can view this page and make changes to it.

Assigning GL Codes

Getting Here: Click Finance > GL Codes


  1. Enter a debit or credit GL code for any of the listed transactions. If a code is assigned to a transaction, you can change or remove it.

Note: You cannot assign a Credit GL code to the Write Off, Refund Related Reversal, Cash Credit, and Credit Memo Line transactions.

  1. Click Save. Your changes take effect, and the GL code changes you made are associated with the transactions you have modified. Changes do not take effect retroactively.

Setting a Role to Access GL Codes

Before accessing this feature, the role assigned to a user ID must have access to GL Codes within the Finance section of Aria. For instructions on granting access to a user role, see Security.

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