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View a Discount Rule


A discount rule allows you to specify a fixed-amount or percentage-based credit to apply to a customer’s invoice and any combination of plans and/or services, and/or inventory items to which the credit applies.

Note: After you have created a discount rule, you cannot edit it, even if the corresponding coupon has not been assigned to an account. You can click the red "x" to delete a discount rule from a coupon, then add a new discount rule to the coupon.

Viewing a Discount Rule

Getting Here: Click Marketing > Discount Rules.

  1. Click the discount rule whose details you want to view.

    The discount rule General Information tab displays.


  1. Click the Rule Application Details tab to see the plans, services, or items to which the discount rule applies.


Note: The Scope setting governs the charges eligible to receive the discount. This setting is determined when creating a Discount Rule. The default value of Scope is All Charges, meaning all charges on an account are eligible to receive this discount. 

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